The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: How Will Daryl React to Carol’s Prison Absence? Will Rick Tell the Truth?
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The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: How Will Daryl React to Carol’s Prison Absence? Will Rick Tell the Truth?

On the upside, Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) banishment of Carol (Melissa McBride) on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 softens the harshness of what Carol did last week. She's not just the perp anymore, she's also one of the victims.

We were worried about how Daryl “Pookie” Dixon (Norman Reedus) would handle the truth about Carol — that she killed Karen and David with the hope that it would stop the prison sickness — but he may be even more upset about what Rick did in reaction to Carol. Don’t you break up our favorite bromance, Powers That Be!

Rick had no right to kick Carol out of the prison group. Heck, she was with this group before he even showed up in Season 1. He’s not The Ricktator anymore. This is a democracy, and it’s run by the prison council. In fact, if we're Carol we're driving back to the prison anyway, since it's not exactly Rick's property. She could take her chances with the group, explaining what she did.

Maybe Rick should’ve brought her back to the prison to 1) help with the sick, since they have to be the first priority, then 2) tell the truth to the council (whoever is still alive) and have them decide what to do with Carol. Instead, Rick put all of this on himself, and it’s probably going to backfire.

The promo for Episode 5, “Internment,” shows Daryl hinting to his ugly cry face at the prison. He must know that Carol isn’t there. How will he react? Will he question Rick?

“I hope that he questions Rick's decision, if Rick decides to tell everyone,” Melissa McBride told The Hollywood Reporter. “Rick kept the fact that everyone was already infected to himself, as well as the fact that he killed Shane. It's all up in the air in terms of how he'll handle it.”

Yeah, what will Rick do? That’s what’s interesting — and frustrating — about this situation. It’s hard to be on Team Rick or Team Carol since there are bad calls on both sides. But you can’t really compare the Shane killing situation to this, as Carol tried to do. Shane was actively trying to kill Rick. It’s also not like Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) killing that Woodbury kid. As much as it pains us to defend Carl, that kid did have a weapon and he was part of a group that was trying to kill them.

Karen and David were sick, defenseless, and already cut off from the rest of the prison. Carol didn’t know anything about the illness, she just made the quick call to kill two to potentially save many. That’s a huge difference from Hershel Greene’s (Scott Wilson) more compassionate response to find medicine — which aimed to save lives, and may just do so.

As Melissa told THR of Carol, “I don't know what else she's capable of, had it been someone else besides Karen. What if it had been one of our original Atlanta people? What would she have done then? She's going about this with a very single mind and not talking to other council people, and that's frightening.”

But how will Daryl react? Will he be so angry at Rick that he forgives Carol? We saw how pissed he was at Bob Stookey (Larry Gilliard Jr.) for making the selfish decision to take alcohol instead of medicine, will he view Carol’s choices as more laudable, since they were for “the group”? Will he drive off to find her and save her, as he’s saved her before? Will she be the one to save the day this time, perhaps swooping in at the last minute to help Team Prison?

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter