The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: New Character Details — and Governor Flashback?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: New Character Details — and Governor Flashback?

When The Walking Dead Season 4 starts up in October, we’re going to have a host of new characters to deal with — plus The Governor, who is still at large and probably not on a yoga retreat. He’ll be back for blood.

A fan asked TVLine if there’s a chance there will be a flashback showing The Governor’s origin story, and if it could include an appearance from Milton (who died at the end of Season 3). Writer/producer Robert Kirkman hasn’t shown an interest in origin stories (except Rick’s), but we have a new guy at the helm and he may feel like going in that direction.

Here’s TVLine’s answer to the Gov question: “The Governor’s origin story, which I imagine would have to include his former ally Milt, seems like a golden story opportunity for new showrunner Scott Gimple — especially since David Morrissey is back as a regular in Season 4. But I honestly have no idea if it’s in the cards. The show could just as easily wind up being too busy with new recurring characters like Laura, a single mom and ex-nurse who isn’t quite as strong as she first appears; Melody, a ‘just one of the guys’ kinda gal in her 20s; and Don, who sounds like Hershel, if Hershel were crankier and two-legged.”

Those three new names are characters who were first mentioned back when we heard Episode 6 would be called “Rise.” SpoilerTV said two recurring roles were being cast — “a single mother and former nurse named Laura and a tough and funny woman named Melody.” There was also a guest-starring role for Don, a 50-70-year-old guy described as kind but sometimes grumpy, who has a granddaughter.

Governor flashbacks aside, we wonder if Laura and Melody could end up as potential love interests for the single dudes of Team Prison (Tyreese, Rick, Daryl even though many fans want him with Carol). And Don may bond with Hershel in a Grumpy Old Men way, unless they clash … or never meet. It’s still not clear how these new characters will be factored into the mix. For all we know, they will be hanging out with The Governor, not Team Prison.

Any theories? Share below!

Source: TVLine

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