Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: Ezria Scene in Episode 20!
Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram    

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: Ezria Scene in Episode 20!

We forgot how much we missed videos, pictures, and tweets featuring Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale (Aria) and Ian Harding (Ezra) goofing off together on set! These two have not had nearly enough scenes together in Season 4. But, it looks like they’ll be getting some on-screen time in an upcoming Season 4B ep! Check out Lucy’s super silly prank on Ian, and find out what it means for their on-screen counterparts.

Lucy just posted this on-set video of herself playing a prank on Ian. The gag? Sticking black cut-outs to an unsuspecting Ian’s back - and it is hilarious. “He has no idea,” Luce whispers to the camera before turning to to show Ian’s stickered back. Ian is, in fact, completely oblivious to the prank, engaged in a lively conversation with someone else on set. “Well I have to entertain myself somehow on this Thursday night. @actuallyharding,” Lucy Instagrammed at Ian. We really hope this online video is how he found out. Have we mentioned how much we’ve missed seeing these two hang out on set?

We’re also pretty psyched about this vid because it means we will get at least one Ezria scene in Season 4, Episode 20: “Free Fall” (the ep currently being filmed). PLL writer Maya Goldsmith called this episode “crazy,” and it looks like Ezra will be getting a lot to do in it judging by these on-set snapshots. We’re just glad some of it will be with Aria.

Are you happy to hear there will be an Ezria scene in Episode 20? What do you think the duo will be up to? Sound off in the comment below!

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