Game of Thrones Season 4 Spoilers: What Happens to the Hound?
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Game of Thrones Season 4 Spoilers: What Happens to the Hound?

With Game of Thrones Season 3 a distant memory, it’s now time to turn our attention to what may lie ahead in Season 4. Since GoT is based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF), we can make some good guesses about how the story will play out next season, at least in broad strokes. Here are our predictions about what's coming up for one of the show’s most fearsome characters, the Hound, AKA Sandor Clegane, based on the latter half of A Storm of Swords.

Warning: This article contains MAJOR spoilers from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Click away now if you don't want to know!

Disclaimer: Of course, the show may cut plot elements or even completely alter the Hound's story. These are spoilers based on the books only.

He Continues His Travels With Arya. Not quite willing to part with his feisty little sidekick yet, the Hound traverses the countryside with Arya for a decent amount of time. Originally his plan is to take her to the Vale and ransom her off to her aunt Lysa Arryn (crazy breast-feeding lady), but the route proves too dangerous. So then he basically decides to just get really drunk all the time and let the rest of the details sort themselves out later.

He Gets into a Drunken Brawl. While boozing it up in an inn, the Hound encounters a few of his brother the Mountain’s men. The Mountain generally runs with a pretty unruly bunch, so they decide to pick a fight with the Hound. Since our hero Sandor is pretty wasted, they actually stand a chance in the melee. Luckily for the Hound, Arya proves to be the x-factor in the fight, and she saves him from being killed.

He’s Left to Die. During the fight, the Hound suffers a very serious injury. He tries to play it tough for a while and continue wandering Westeros, but eventually he realizes he can’t go on any further and he stops to rest. He asks Arya to stab him and put him out of his misery, reminding her of all the bad things he’s done as motivation. His plan backfires though, and she decides he deserves to suffer rather than be granted the mercy of a quick death. She leaves him by the tree, and he is presumed dead.

His Identity is Stolen. He really should have used Lifelock. In the fourth book in the series, someone else comes into possession of the Hound's trademark dog helmet and starts wreaking havoc across the Saltpans region of Westeros. As a result, Sandor’s already terrible reputation takes an even bigger hit. The imposter turns out to be Rorge, one of the two companions of Jaqen H’ghar who was released from imprisonment by Arya in season 2. Rorge is eventually killed by Brienne. Even though this storyline takes place in the fourth book in the series, we might see some of it next season since it’s been confirmed that Rorge is returning for Season 4.

As for the real Hound, he has yet to pop up again in the two books that follow A Storm of Swords, but the circumstances surrounding his death are open to interpretation. Some conspiracy theorists believe that he did not die, but merely reformed his ways and is living a quiet life in hiding. We hope they’re right, because we’re not ready to say goodbye to the Hound yet!

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