Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: Is Aria’s New Love Interest Trustworthy?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: Is Aria’s New Love Interest Trustworthy?

Pretty Little Liars Aria's (Lucy Hale) new love interest, Jake (Ryan Guzman) hasn't even shown up on screen yet, but he already has a few strike against him. For Ezria fans, he's an unwanted complication. For everyone, he's a new guy getting close to a Liar, so he's immediately suspicious. Can we trust this newbie, who we'll meet in Season 4, Episode 2: "Turn of the Shoe"?

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In a new interview with TV Fanatic, Ryan Guzman dished on his new character, a martial arts instructor who "steals [Aria]'s attention right away."

"I like to think of Jake as a pretty good guy," Ryan dished to TV Fanatic when asked where he character falls on the good to evil scale. "I think he's a charming, good guy."

Of course, plenty of charming, seemingly good guys turn out to be anything but in Rosewood. However, the cast is already well into the filming of Season 4 (they're currently working on Episodes 9 and 10), so unless Ryan is lying to cover up a plot, we can at least assume he acts like a decent guy for most of the season.

That said, Ryan did warn that Jake's motivations are still pretty mysterious. "He could be bad or he could be good." Sounds like everyone else on the show!

Ryan also dished that we will see him "bump into" Ezra, and, as you may imagine, things get "pretty awkward."

Either way, Ryan confirms we'll be seeing Jake "a lot this season." And yes, he will be shirtless at some point!

For much more from Ryan, check out the entire interview here.

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Source: TV Fanatic

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