Game of Thrones Season 4 Spoilers: “Lovelorn” Jon Snow Takes Control
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Game of Thrones Season 4 Spoilers: “Lovelorn” Jon Snow Takes Control

The last we saw of Jon Snow of Game of Thrones, he had just made it back to the Night’s Watch after breaking up with his, um, girlfriend, Ygritte. Well, if you count being filled with arrows by your ex as "breaking up." So what lies in store for Jon in season 4 now that he’s back on the market?

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Kit Harington, who portrays Jon, tells Extra about Jon’s mental state next season. Kit says, “He’s a bit lovelorn. You know, he had to leave the girl [Ygritte]. He doesn’t get any happier.” Aww, we’re sorry to hear that GoT’s most emo character will get even more depressed.

Hopefully Jon will get to do some cool things, too, right? Right.

“His task will be this season is he knows the Wall’s gonna get attacked,” Kit continues. “He knows he has to defend Castle Black, and this time around he doesn’t have a leader looking out for him, he has to become the leader. So he really does take control and take charge and starts to lead his friends around him and be the commander that he’s been prepped to be.”

Well, that sounds awesome. Ned Stark would be proud!

Are you looking forward to Jon's story next season?

Source: Extra