Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: Who Is The “B” in the Box?
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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: Who Is The “B” in the Box?

In what was either some kind of planned Pretty Little Liars teaser attack or just a creepy crazy coincidence, several of the PLL Powers That Be just tweeted the same clue! What is the much-touted one-liner, and what might it mean? Read on to find out...

“There's a B in the box. #PLLclue,” showrunner Marlene King tweeted yesterday — along with PLL writers Bryan Holdman, Lijah Barasz, Jonell Lennon, and Kyle Bown. So, we’re inclined to believe this was planned, but why this teaser? Why is this clue so important? And what might it mean?

Well, our first thoughts jump to the “B” Team, but we’re not sure what box they are referring to. This may be a wee bit morbid, but there are a lot of coffins in Rosewood. Could one of the “B” Team members be biting the dust? To refresh, that not-so-tangible lineup includes Jenna, Shana, Melissa, and possibly Wren and Mona.

If we fixate on the “box” part of the clue, however, we’re reminded of the box Aria climbed into during the magic show in the summer finale. If that’s the box in question, is Aria “B”? What does that mean? We’ve speculated before that Aria could be working with Ezra’s “A.” Could they be some sort of “A”/“B” tag team and, if so, why didn’t Ezra let Aria keep the “A” designator? It’s much less confusing.

Other possibilities is that the “B” refers to the much broader descriptor “bitch” (that doesn’t really narrow it down in Rosewood) or the much narrower qualifier “Byron,” i.e. Aria’s papa. There’s always been something slightly shady about the Montgomery patriarch, as we viewers knew he had an extramarital affair early on in the series’ run. Last season, we discovered that Ali was blackmailing him about it and he saw her the evening of her “death.” Could there be more to his story? Could he be the “B” Marlene & Co. are referring to?

What do you think the PLL clue means? Share your theories in the comments below!

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