The Walking Dead Season 4: When Will Morgan Jones Return? (UPDATE – Bad News!)
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The Walking Dead Season 4: When Will Morgan Jones Return? (UPDATE – Bad News!)

UPDATE 2: Ugh! Bad news. Scott Gimple just gave Entertainment Weekly a Morgan update: "He will not be definitely in season four. Somebody misquoted me on that. Will he be on the show again? Yes. I am absolutely certain of that." His original Morgan quote came during Comic Con and made the rounds via Twitter, but apparently it was ... maybe the classic "taken out of context." Maybe he just said Morgan would return and SFX assumed he meant Season 4? Unless Scott's "He will not be definitely in Season 4" is just a way to avoid spoilers? Lennie James is still credited on IMDb for the season finale, for what that's worth. He's no longer listed for Episode 15.

UPDATE 1: Take this with a grain of salt for now, but Lennie James' IMDb page currently has him listed for The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 15 and Episode 16. Those are the final two episodes of Season 4, and they should air in March. Maybe this is a foiler and will be deleted (you can't always trust IMDb listings), but it's something to keep in mind, in case it's legit.

Original story (10/24/13):

Forgive us, Morgan (Lennie James), but for a minute there we forgot about your return in The Walking Dead Season 4.

During Comic-Con back in July, new showrunner Scott Gimple mentioned that Morgan would return this season. We don’t know when, where, or how we’ll see Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) original zombie apocalypse tour guide — and after all the stuff in the prison with the new threats and The Governor (David Morrissey) still out there, we kinda forgot to even speculate.

Now our minds are organically on the Morgan train because it looks like Rick’s group might need to leave the prison, and we’re wondering where they could go. In the comics, they hit the road with a few new characters who will be introduced later this season. The AMC show and books don’t always mesh, but there’s usually at least some overlap.

At one point in the comics, once the group is on the road, Rick, Carl (Chandler Riggs) and this new guy Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) — who is coming in Season 4 — return to Rick’s hometown for a supply run, kind of like they did last season in Episode 12, “Clear.” It’s possible TWD will feel like they already covered that base last year and not want to repeat it. However, in the comics, Morgan does join Rick’s group on the road and he ends up with them when they arrive at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. But, like on the TV show, he’s not quite mentally stable and still scarred from what happened to his son, Duane.

Maybe Morgan will join the group on TV as well. Or maybe we’ll just stop by Rick’s hometown for another supply run since … why not? If the surviving prisoners need a place to go, it’s as good a spot as any. Or maybe Morgan leaves town and heads to the prison? He’s a good shot, so maybe he helps Team Prison if/when The Governor returns?

When do you think we’ll see Morgan this season? Tell us your theories below!

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10.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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