The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: What’s the “Sanctuary”?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: What’s the “Sanctuary”?

On The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 10, Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and the girls saw signs for sanctuary and were told to follow the tracks. Is this the same sanctuary of the radio tease earlier in the season?

We actually first heard the tease in the big Comic Con trailer. It showed Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob in the car, fiddling with the radio, when a female voice came on saying, "Sanctuary ... those who arrive, survive." In the finished ed, the voice was male and as clear. Still. What is this sanctuary?

On the October 27 episode of Talking Dead, TWD producer Gale Anne Hurd gave us more info on the sanctuary and how it relates to the voice on the radio. "Those of you who've read the comic book might have an indication of what it could or could not be, but it offered sanctuary. As we know in this world sanctuary could be a very complicated thing. It could be someplace you want to go and really is what it says it is, or maybe it's not quite what's promised." Hmm...

Spoiler alert! Major comic book spoilers ahead, which may or may not spoil some of the TV show plot.

As one fan broke it down a few months ago, the best bets may be that this safe haven is 1) in Fort Benning, 2) the Alexandria Safe-Zone, or 3) just a trap. Remember the pre-recorded “answer to infection” message from 28 Days Later? Those military guys promised a cure, but really they were just … well, watch the movie.

Fort Benning is where Rick’s group was originally headed after leaving the CDC and before going off track with Sophia and the farm. It's in Georgia, so it stands to reason they'd be close enough to pick up a signal. Yeah, they were told Fort Benning was overrun with walkers, but that came from the sketchy guys in the bar in Season 2. There's no reason to trust them.

If not Fort Benning, maybe it is the Alexandria Safe-Zone in Alexandria, Virginia, where Rick's group spends a good amount of time in the comic books.

In the comics, after leaving Woodbury and the prison, Rick and company reconnected with some folks at Hershel's farm (which was overrun by a herd during the TV show's second season) and met a few new characters — Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene — who were on their way to Washington, D.C. Eugene had told his group he was a top government scientist who knew the origins of the zombie apocalypse, and Rick's group decides to go along with them.

On the way to D.C. they come across a group of cannibal survivors called The Hunters. Not a fun group but it is very possible, on TV, The Hunters lure Rick’s group via a fake radio message.

Anyway, it turns out Eugene was lying about being a government scientist, but close to D.C. they’re approached by a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and invited to join. The Safe-Zone is a walled-in community with just under 40 other survivors when they arrive. It has families and kids, and seems idyllic. Rick ends up taking over leadership of Alexandria. There's also a nearby community called the Hilltop Colony and a place called The Kingdom run by “King” Ezekiel. They all partner to fight a ruthless group called The Saviors, led by Negan. Speaking of The Saviors, their base is actually called The Sanctuary, so … maybe.

Negan is a long way off in terms of the TV show, but Season 4 is meant to end on a “hopeful” note. An AMC exec said the ending will be somewhat like when the group found the prison. That’s a glimpse of where we’ll be on Season 5, so it suggests some kind of stable base. It’s most likely the Alexandria Safe-Zone (especially since the season finale’s title is “A”), but that doesn’t necessarily mean this “sanctuary” is related to Alexandria. Virginia is a long way away from the Atlanta, Georgia area!

Any theories on the sanctuary? Please share below.

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