The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Who Will Die Next?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Who Will Die Next?

UPDATE: All the death speculation below was from before the season even started. Here's what's actually happened so far:

Beth's boyfriend, Zach, was one of the first deaths of the season, when he died during a supply run in Episode 1. Patrick, the Harry Potter-looking kid, was the first to get sick with the flu, and he also died early in the season. Karen (Tyreese's girlfriend) and a random guy we never knew named David also got sick with the flu and Carol killed them in an attempt to keep the flu from spreading. It didn't work. Other minor characters died from the flu, including Dr. S. Hershel was the first major character to die, getting his head sliced off by The Governor in the Episode 8 mid-season finale battle at the prison. The Governor also died, along with some of his "team" members, including Meghan, Lilly, Alisha, and Mitch. Martinez and Mitch's brother Pete were also killed by The Governor, aka "Brian," during The Gov.'s standalone episodes.

In the second half of Season 4, the people on the prison bus all apparently died, including possibly kids Luke and Molly. In Episode 14, sisters Mika and Lizzie also died. Lizzie killed Mika, happy that she could come back as a walker, and planned to kill baby Judith next. Carol shot Lizzie to keep Lizzie away from other people. Who will die next? Well, we originally thought "something bad" was supposed to happen in Episode 15, which is the second-to-last episode of the season, but it sounds like some good stuff happens: Glenn and Maggie reunite and their groups hit Terminus. However, Daryl is still with Joe's group of marauders from the "Claimed" house and they are tracking Rick with an aim for revenge. That's bad. Len, one of the creepy bandit guys from that house, died in Ep 15, thanks to his own group, but no one in our team. But we've seen how they treat even one of their own, so we know they'll want to kill Rick, who will face "brutality" in the finale.

So who died in the finale? Well, the good news is, no Team Prison people died. We even got to see Hershel again in flashbacks! Joe and his Marauders were all killed, with Rick biting Joe in the neck to kill him and ripping up the Marauder guy who tried to rape Carl. Some random guy got swarmed by walkers, but Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl reunited and went to Terminus. And they ended up in a dark Terminus train car with Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Sasha, Bob, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene. Abe must be pissed about this little detour from the D.C. mission! We didn't see Beth, Carol, Tyreese or baby Judith, so their fates are being held over until Season 5. Are you glad there were no major deaths in the finale?

Original story:

The Walking Dead Season 4 spoilers and speculation ahead!

They don't call it The Walking DEAD for nothing. The Powers That Be have been pushing their No One Is Safe mantra, and they backed it up on Season 3 by killing Lori, T-Dog, Merle, Andrea, some prisoners (like Oscar and Axel) we didn’t get a chance to know well, a bunch of newbies at Woodbury (including Milton), and a lot of walkers.

We know Season 4 will be no different. Actually, scratch that. Comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly the major character death count would be different from Season 3. “We will not get rid of four major characters in Season 4,” Kirkman said. “Because we have to keep things off balance. It has to be different every season. Maybe we’ll kill two, maybe we’ll kill 10. Who knows? But it will be different.”

Let’s hope they choose a lower number of main character deaths. We know they’ve already gone way high on the general deaths. If you’ve seen the Season 4 extended trailer, you’ve heard Hershel say “we just lost 12 of our own … two of them were killed in cold blood.” Carol is also heard saying “there’s not a lot of us left.” And that has to be just in the first half of the season. About 50 former Woodbury people entered the prison on the Season 3 premiere, so if we lose a dozen of them it would be sad but not devastating.

However, Tyreese’s actions in the trailer are making us think his sister Sasha may be one of the casualties. If not Sasha, then maybe Karen, who seems to get extra close to Tyreese on Season 4. At one point he looks horrified by something he’s seeing — and he has flowers in his hand as he's horrified, as if to give to his girlfriend, Karen. He seems to fight with Rick and Daryl. He also looks listless in the car (with Daryl, Michonne and Bob Stookey) and almost goes on a rage-induced suicide attack against a herd. It’s just a guess, but we may be seeing the end of Sasha and/or Karen, since it's looking like at least one of Tyreese's loved ones will check out. Sasha and Karen aren't original Season 1 characters, or a newer main characters like Maggie, Hershel or Michonne, but they're not an anonymous Woodbury newbies either.

Speaking of Hershel, as an update, there's some chatter on the Spoil the Dead forum that Hershel may be kicking the bucket. Follow the thread and see if you agree. It wouldn't be too shocking — he's "old," he has one leg, and he'd be more than willing to sacrifice his life for someone else — but his death has been predicted before and obviously it didn't happen. Hershel may just outlive the walkers!

What’s your speculation for Season 4 character deaths?

The Walking Dead Season 4 premieres Sunday, October 13 on AMC.

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