The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Will the Zombies Evolve?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Will the Zombies Evolve?

How’s this for a bait-and-switch? A fan of The Walking Dead asked TVLine for some new scoop on Season 4, which starts October 13 on AMC. The fan specifically noted “I’d love something on Daryl and Carol.”

Side-stepping a pretty obvious request for Caryl news, comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman told TVLine they’ll be facing “some really intense, scary, very detail-oriented zombies [this season]. More so than anything you’ve seen thus far.”

Scary zombies are always good, but there’s been some chatter about walkers possibly changing in some way to be more dangerous — maybe even getting smarter or adapting to their new environment. But don’t put too much stock into that, since it sounds like it might not happen.

“As far as changing their methods or behavior or evolving in any kind of major way, that’s really just not the point of the show,” Kirkman continued. “The show is about these characters. And the zombies are present and they will always be a threat, but the show isn’t really about these creatures evolving into something new.”

But they will be more present and a bigger deal than they were in Season 3. This we have been promised! A while back, producer Gale Anne Hurd teased, "We are going to amp up the threat of the walkers, because they've started to seem like a manageable threat. They are not a manageable threat.” She later added, “I think we'll have walkers who are even more ravenous than before. We're in a world where there are fewer people and more walkers, and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw that on-screen this season.”

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) also said, “They’ve introduced a way to make zombies scary again, and they’re terrifying. The new threat is just unreal. I can’t of course tell you what that is, but it’s brilliant writing.”

That brilliant writing will also provide more character development in Season 4, with “fantastic stories” for all the human survivors — including Daryl and Carol. So, about them…

Source: TVLine

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