Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Summer Finale: Questions We Want Answered
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Summer Finale: Questions We Want Answered

Every season of Pretty Little Liars introduces a fresh set of questions, but often not before clearing up the ones lingering from the previous seasons. Here is a list of questions we want answered by the Season 4 summer finale. Some have just popped up this season, while others have been with us since Season 1.

Who killed Wilden?

This is the big one for the first half of Season 4. Wilden seems to be causing as many problems for the Liars dead as he was alive. Impressive, but we want it to end! We want to know who killed Wilden by the summer finale and why they did it. None of these half-answers PLL has been known to dish out.

Chances for answer: High. Marlene King has promised we will discover the identity of Wilden’s killer in the summer finale.

Is Ali Alive?

We suppose this has been a question since day one when the Liars first started receiving texts from the mysterious “A” who knew so many of their secrets with Alison. Now, we know that the first “A” was Mona, but that doesn’t mean Ali isn’t alive. Since the first season, the explanation that Ali is somehow still kicking (whether by faked death or secret twin) has only seemed more likely. What once was a crazy conspiracy theory now seems one of the only likely explanations...

Chances for answer: High. Marlene has also promised resolution on this front.

What does Toby’s mom have to do with anything?

We need to find out why the heck Marion Cavanaugh’s death is important. Sure, we know it’s important to Toby, but that justification only holds our interest for so long before it starts to take away from the central plot. We have a feeling the mystery of Marion’s death and the “A” plot are connected, but if we don’t find out how soon, we’re going to get seriously bored with this storyline. Sorry, Pretty Eyes.

Chances for answer: Moderate to High. We think this is going to be wrapped up in the summer finale, but that could just be our hope talking.

Who is Red Coat?

We felt kind of cheated in the Season 3 finale. We were promised the identity of Red Coat, and all we got was this wishy-washy answer: it could have been Ali (or her twin), but it also could have been someone wearing an Ali mask. Now, that did not look like a mask to us, but we’re pretty confused at this point. If we don’t get some real answers concerning the identity of Red Coat in the summer finale, we are not going to be happy.

Chances for answer: Low. Janel Parrish said that Red Coat will be revealed in the Halloween episode. Well, we suppose we have to save some answers for post-summer finale.

Is Cece Drake evil or is she being framed?

As Season 4 progresses, Cece Drake only looks more and more suspicious. And by “suspicious,” we mean “like an evil witch intent on ruining everyone’s lives, but especially the Liars.” Every “A”-like transgression seems to point back to Cece, but is it too obvious? We can’t help but feel like we are being led around like puppets. Is Cece Drake really that evil, or is she being framed?

Chances for answer: Moderate to High. This Cece thing has to come to a head in the summer finale, right? Vanessa Ray (Cece) is set to appear in the ep and the Liars have been waiting all season to confront her. We hope it’s epic.

Is there a “B” Team?

We started off the season thinking that there was some kind of anti-”A” and/or anti-Liars “B” Team running around Rosewood. The members: Melissa, Jenna, Shana, and possibly Wilden. Now that we’re almost halfway through Season 4, our understanding of this group has changed. Apparently, Melissa was afraid of Wilden...and Jenna and Shana are afraid of Melissa, and possible Cece? The “B” Team seems to be held together by fear, but are they a team at all? What are these videotapes Melissa, Shana, and Jenna were trying to get back?

Chances for answer: Low. With Jenna in hiding at the hospital (and Shana at her side), Melissa in London, and Wilden dead, the odds of getting answers about the “B” Team in the summer finale seem slim.

Where are the Liars going to college?

There’s only so much longer the PLL Powers That Be can put off answering this question. The Liars are well into their senior year and still no decisions have been made on where they will be attending college. We can suspend belief a few more seasons when it comes to the Liars not telling an authority figure about “A,” but there’s no way every Liar wouldn’t have applied to at least a few college so far.

Chances for answer: We have a feeling the PLL Powers That Be are going to put off answering this question for as long as possible. Will the Liars ever graduate from high school?

What answers do you want to see delivered in the summer finale? Sound off in the comments below!

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