Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Summer Finale Sneak Peek: Danger for Aria in Ravenswood? (VIDEO)

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Summer Finale Sneak Peek: Danger for Aria in Ravenswood? (VIDEO)

We’re officially just days away from the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 summer finale, and in this new sneak peek for Season 4, Episode 12 (“Now You See Me, Now You Don't”), the Liars head to Ravenswood, where Aria Montgomery is nearly forced to relive a very frightening moment from her past.

The ladies’ trip to Ravenswood is also fitting given that a PLL spin-off show of the same name is set to debut to October, immediately following the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special.

And it seems like Ravenswood isn’t exactly paradise. Thanks to the Halloween party fiasco earlier this season — during which Aria was trapped in a coffin with a deceased Garrett — our girl has an entirely rational fear of boxes of any kind. Uh, can you blame her?

Unfortunately, when the girls head to Ravenswood and happen upon a creepy magic show, the mime is unaware of Aria’s fear and summons her to the stage where she will be placed in, you guessed it, another box.

After some assurance from Spencer, Aria gives in to the relentless mime and heads to the stage.

Here’s the official synopsis of the episode:

An intriguing riddle from "A" has the Liars hitting the road and heading to Ravenswood, where they are surrounded by some familiar faces. During a very special magic show, one Liar pulls a disappearing act, leaving the other three scrambling to make sure she hasn't succumbed to "A's" tricks. But before they can hightail it out of Ravenswood, they make a shocking discovery that proves that everything they thought they knew about "A" and the "A" team might be wrong. With this discovery, the Liars may just have started "World War A."

Meanwhile, Hanna and her mother's joyous reunion is cut short when "A's" sights are set on a new target. And Toby uncovers some surprising information about Wren.

Check it out below!