The Walking Dead Season 4: Is Terminus Home of The Hunters?
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Is Terminus Home of The Hunters?

UPDATE 3: Here are eight hints to cannibalism from TWD Season 4. Do you agree? Can you think of a few more?

UPDATE 2: Is Terminus the home of The Hunters? Looks that way. We got more hints to cannibalism in the finale, including Mary back at her BBQ; the idea that the snipers were aiming to maim, not kill them; and even Rick's final line, which was said with an f-bomb in Issue #64 of the comics, in reference to The Hunters.

UPDATE 1: Last week's Season 4, Episode 15, "Us," ended at Terminus, with a woman named Mary offering Glenn, Maggie and their groups BBQ. Is that a hint to The Hunters? What exactly are they eating? We know the finale is meant to be "savage," with "brutality" for Rick presumably coming from Joe, Tony and The Marauders — and certainly dished back tenfold from The Ricktator. But The Marauders don't seem to be connected to Terminus, they're just tracking Rick there.

Tonight's March 30 season finale is meant to end on a big cliffhanger, so what if — after Rick faces The Marauders, and is hopefully reunited with baby Judith — the season ends with a hint to cannibalism. Maybe it's even related to Beth? Read more finale spoilers and speculation here, and share your own theories.

Original story:

There are only three episodes left to The Walking Dead Season 4 and still a lot of questions about Terminus and the group of marauders that first Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and now Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) have met.

Is Terminus a valid sanctuary or a trap? If it’s a trap, is it connected to The Hunters, a group of cannibals from the comic books? If The Hunters are involved in any capacity this season, are they also tied to Joe (Jeff Kober) and his group? Or are they connected to whoever took Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) in that car?

Last night on Episode 13, Daryl ran into Joe and his six friends (the guy Rick killed was not among them, and it’s possible they lost someone else when that guy turned in the house in Ep 11, “Claimed.”). There were six Hunters in the comics, although one of them was a woman. There was some previous speculation that actress Anissa Matlock was being cast as a TV version of the female Hunter Theresa, when she was listed as a Featured Terminan for Episode 16, the season finale. Her IMDb listing has changed to just list her for Ep 16 with no character title. It was only ever speculation that she’d be one of The Hunters, but it’s still possible that she’s one of them and they are located at whatever Terminus may be.

The Hollywood Reporter talked to Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) after “Alone,” and they asked her a bunch of questions she couldn’t possibly answer without spoilers. For one, they mentioned how at this point in the comics the group comes across a group of cannibals, called The Hunters; could Terminus be their basecamp? “We should proceed with caution but we don't have another plan right now so we have to follow those train tracks,” Lauren said. “Sasha is a very good voice of reason but we don't have time for reason because we need to find the rest of our group. These last few episodes have been very claustrophobic with fog for Maggie, Sasha and Bob and then Daryl and Beth were trapped in the trunk of a car. This group has been so blinded and now we have this rope to hang on to with the train tracks. It might be a bad idea but we have no other option.”

THR also asked Lauren how much more we can expect to see of Joe and company, adding the theory that the guys are The Hunters who turn into cannibals and are behind Terminus. Lauren replied, “We should be concerned about anybody new we meet right now, especially after The Governor. We shouldn't be having any new friends!”

These guys definitely aren’t friends. We met them through Rick’s perspective, when one of them nearly choked another to death to claim a bed. The guy on the floor, Tony, saw Rick before passing out. Tony is now alive and well and part of Daryl’s new group, so that could come back to cause issues for Rick, if they connect. (You don’t need to be a cannibal to cause trouble in this world.) In the “Claimed” house, they discovered Michonne’s shirt and realized a woman was shacking up there. They fought over who would get first dibs with her when she returned. And in “Alone,” Joe told Daryl suicide was a bad idea, because why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people.

So these are not nice guys. But are they cannibals or just a group of bad guy bandits, like we’ve seen before? Remember Randall’s old group? Mitch wasn’t exactly a prize, either, and this is the kind of group he’d fit in with. They may very well turn into cannibals, although we just saw Joe eating out of a can at the Episode 11 house, and it seems like a quick change to suddenly start eating people. In the comics, The Hunters were actually really bad hunters when it came to tracking animals, and it was easier for them to trap people. Joe and his band did not look like they’d have trouble tracking game. They’re bow men. And if they’re connected to Terminus, what are they doing going through houses, sleeping in random beds to rest? They don’t seem like the types to make maps and radio messages and leave signs.

But one of the reasons The Hunters did go from trying to track game to hunting humans is because humans are gullible. So it’s still very possible this whole Terminus thing is a quick and easy way to lure people to a set location, then chop ‘em up. They also liked to prey on the weak and alone, so that could tie into what happened to Beth. Was she nabbed by a Hunter, and taken to their lair, so to speak? In the books, the Hunters had a base in an estate-like area in the ‘burbs. We could be headed to a TV version of that.

Then again, Lauren teased some hope for Terminus, based on the final shot of “Alone,” with Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) seeing the sanctuary sign. “This moment when Glenn sees the Terminus sign and the hope in that moment reminded me of Season 1, when he's the little voice that Rick hears in the tank,” she said. “If Glenn sees or hears something, there's something to it because he's the character who looks after people. That for me gives that inkling that maybe Terminus is going to be OK and the fact that all the group is finding these signs. Is there somebody looking out for them? Is someone making sure that they all find each other? Maybe it's the spirit of Hershel; I don't know but it would be nice.”

That sounds like a really specific hope bomb. It may be too obvious to think Terminus is a trap. It could be the humans on the way are bad enough, and Terminus is actually a decent spot — at least for a while. We know no one and nowhere is safe for long, but the jury is still out on the safety of Terminus. That dying guy by the tracks did say it was a good spot to take the kids...

Do you think Terminus is connected to The Hunters? Is it their base camp? Is it also connected to Joe and his group? How about Beth and her captor(s)?

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Nah, they have nothing to do with one another.

I bet they're connected.