The Walking Dead Season 4: Terminus or Washington D.C. — Where Are We Going?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Terminus or Washington D.C. — Where Are We Going?

If The Walking Dead were Game of Thrones, we’d have a much better idea of what’s ahead. But that’s one of the cool things about this series, especially in the second half of Season 4 — for every similarity from the original source material there are twice as many differences, so we’re given a ton of hints, but no definite answers. (And on this show, winter is never coming. They always skip it.)

*Comic book spoilers referenced ahead*

Take this Washington, D.C. mission. It’s straight out of the Walking Dead comics — in fact, Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) and Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) arrived on Episode 10 in a pose replicated from the comic book cover. Their mission to get Eugene to the capital is right from the books, even if the context on TV was very different.

In the books, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his survivors met Abraham and company on Hershel’s old farm, where they returned after the prison battle. At this point, Rick’s group still included Andrea and Dale, but did not include Carol and Tyreese who were already dead, or Bob, Tara, Sasha, Lizzie, Mika, Daryl or Beth. Rick’s group joined Abraham’s mission on the road to D.C. A bunch of stuff happened along the way, including Rick, Carl, and Abraham meeting up with Morgan back at Rick’s hometown, but that was already kinda sorta done with Michonne last season. (And in the books, Rick was from Kentucky.) On the way they also ran into The Hunters, a cannibal group we’ve been expecting to see at some point later on Season 4. No one has officialy said they are coming, it’s just an expectation from the comic books, since it’s an interesting storyline.

There was no “Terminus” sanctuary trip for Team Prison at this point in the comics, so that’s why we’re curious about what’s there. It seems to still be in the Georgia area, which is very different from the group’s road to D.C. in the books. So what are we doing? Is Terminus a real sanctuary where we might actually stay on TV, even into Season 5, since the TV show has been changing non-Georgia storylines to fit the area? Is it a trap connected to The Hunters, or just a different kind of trap not cannibal-related (maybe related to Negan’s Saviors)? Will we have some kind of experience at Terminus (if it even exists), then flee for the road to D.C.?

In the books, our group gets to the D.C. area, then realizes Eugene was full of B.S. about having any answers on the outbreak. So they end up at the Alexandria Safe-Zone in Alexandria, Virginia, which we initially thought might be the “A” of the Season 4 finale. But how — unless everyone in Team Prison gets in a new truck and we drive the 10 hours or so from the Atlanta area to Alexandria, how can we end up near the Safe-Zone by the finale?

Showrunner Scott Gimple has said we’ll get deeper into Abraham and Eugene’s stories next season, so maybe the D.C. journey will continue in Season 5, and that’s when we’ll see Alexandria. Then again, Season 4 is supposed to end on a “more hopeful” note than its bleak second half start, and an AMC exec added, “We know where this season ends, which is not unlike when we got to the prison — it’s a glimpse of what Season 5 will be.” Doesn’t that sound like they find a sanctuary/safe zone, even if it isnt the Safe-Zone?

Do you think we’ll hit the road for D.C. later this season? Next season? Where do you think our many characters will end up on Season 4?

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