The Walking Dead Season 4: What “Terrible” Thing “Divides the Group Irrevocably”?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: What “Terrible” Thing “Divides the Group Irrevocably”?

Forget Patrick — now we feel sick! The Walking Dead Season 4 just kicked off, but more teases are coming out about later events, and they don’t sound pleasant. In fact, they sound awful.

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) himself is the source of a lot of the bad news, and even his sonorous British accent can’t save it. He just talked to Entertainment Weekly about one of the new threats of Season 4 — this sickness now spreading through the prison. We’ve been told it’s like the Spanish flu, it’s something that exists naturally in this world, it’s just amplified in the zombie apocalypse.

“I love this story arc,” Andy told EW. “You wait and see where it heads. I think it puts far more pressure on the group, and something terrible happens within this story arc that divides the group irrevocably.” Yikes! Andy previously told TVLine that the December 1 mid-season finale would include a scene “that was pretty painful to do” and could rival his breakdown after Lori died in Season 3.

Do you think the “terrible” and “painful” events are the same? Are you thinking … baby Judith? We don’t want to think baby Judith dies, but Carl survives into at least Episode 9, since Andy said it’s a great episode for him, so his passing can’t be a big Episode 8 mid-season finale tragedy or anything.

And previous showrunner Glen Mazzara was the one who didn’t want to kill Judith; he said last season that all of the writers were pushing to kill her. Even though Patrick was a healthy-looking young man, the very young and elderly are usually most vulnerable to the flu. (Should we worry about Hershel too?!)

It’s possible this terrible thing, and Rick’s painful scene, have nothing to do with Judith or anyone in our beloved group dying. Maybe what divides them is Rick taking extreme action, or a serious betrayal that leaves them all questioning each other. That would be bad enough, but at least it’s not a dead baby.

What do you suspect will happen that’s so terrible and divides the group?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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