The Walking Dead Season 4: Tyreese Forgave Carol Because He “Understood Her”
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Tyreese Forgave Carol Because He “Understood Her”

We’ve heard plenty from Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier) in the aftermath of The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 14: “The Grove” but Chad Coleman (Tyreese) has been much quieter. Granted, Chad’s character wasn’t tasked with killing off Lizzie Samuels (Brighton Sharbino) once it had become clear she could no longer function in this world. But we were still eager to get Chad’s perspective on the controversial episode.

Luckily, he talked to Emag UK about Episode 14 and clued us in to what motivated Tyreese and Carol to kill Lizzie, as well as what was going through his character’s mind when Carol finally confessed to killing Karen. “Lizzie was the biggest threat to everyone’s existence,” Chad reasons. “She was willing to kill another human being based on twisted logic that allowed her to not see the zombies for what they truly are. Of course they made the right decision.”

And while the decision to kill Lizzie was most certainly not an easy conclusion to reach, it arguably wasn’t even the biggest event for Tyreese in “The Grove”. After Lizzie and Mika’s deaths, Carol finally revealed that she was the one who killed sick Karen (and David) weeks before at the prison. As audience members, we’ve been waiting for Tyreese’s reaction for months, and given his erratic behavior we had no idea how he was going to handle the news.

In a somewhat surprising twist, Ty pretty easily forgave Carol for what she had done. “He forgave her because he understood her,” Chad explains. “Her humanity is why she was willing to make the hard choices. He needs her to move forward with her and Judith. She’s really a tremendous human being.”

In an odd way, Chad says he thinks Carol’s confession brought the pair even closer. “It’s a harsh world and she helped Tyreese really face that. She is not without heart and compassion. I feel we bonded even more,” he says.

And while the episode was especially trying for Carol — who, in many ways, lost her daughter Sophia all over again with Mika and Lizzie’s deaths — Tyreese was changed by the hour’s events as well. “He now realizes there is no escape from this brutal world,” Chad notes, “And that you can’t walk through it with an unmoving morality, some imaginary line that you won’t cross. To survive, you will do whatever is necessary, and it doesn’t make you a monster.”

We’re so glad to have finally gotten Chad/Tyreese’s perspective on what went down in “The Grove”. Have his insights helped you see things from a different perspective? Tell us your thoughts below!

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Source: Emag UK