Scandal Season 4: What Can We Expect From Fitz? (VIDEO)
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Scandal Season 4: What Can We Expect From Fitz? (VIDEO)

Going into Scandal Season 4, President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) is, against all odds, still just that: President. In the shocking Season 3 finale, he managed to secure himself a second term. Sure, it came at the cost of his son's life, but hey — we all gotta make sacrifices, right?

OK, so the death of a kid isn't really a laughing matter. In fact, despite still being the most powerful man in the world, Fitz's life is pretty much in shambles. His son is dead, his marriage is still a sham, and Olivia is on a plane with Jake. So, what can we expect from Fitz in Season 4?

In the video below, Tony Goldwyn chats with Celebified about Fitz's relationship with Olivia — "they see each other, they know what makes the other one tick on the deepest level, and as insane, I think, as it sounds, she trust him" — and what me might see from Fitz in Season 4.

Tony teases that Fitz has "a lot to wrestle with." There's all of the personal struggles, plus he has to put together the next administration. No big deal or anything!

Tony also suggests that we might end up seeing Fitz and Mellie rely on each other more moving forward. It's not like they have a lot of other people left, and "they've been through cataclysmic revelations about each other," which Tony thinks actually "brought them together."

For all that and more — including whether or not Tony think Fitz and Olivia belong together — check out the video here!

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