The Walking Dead Season 4: When Will The Governor Die?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: When Will The Governor Die?

Enough is enough! The Governor must die on The Walking Dead, it’s just a matter of when.

We figured he’d die by the end of Season 3, but The Powers That Be don’t want us to get in the habit of having one “big bad” drop dead every season. Fair enough. So David Morrissey is back for Season 4, which starts October 13, and he’s a series regular. However, we’ve been told he’ll be a different kind of Governor than the guy we met, and he’ll show up when we least expect it.

A while back, TVLine teased that the Gov would have a “major presence in at least two Season 4 episodes, both of which are being unofficially billed as ‘standalone Governor’ installments.” Those two episodes are expected to fall in the first half of the season.

However, David also signed up for a new AMC show, Line of Sight. The network issued a whole statement saying they were so glad he’d be pulling double-duty for them, but he’s probably leaving TWD at some point this season, right? It’s not for sure, but there’s only so much of The Governor’s story they can milk.

We know Michonne will still be obsessed with tracking him down, which may end up causing her trouble. We’re also supposed to see more elements of the original comic book, which could include a big prison attack, The Gov’s revenge, and maybe someone taking revenge back on The Gov.

Season 4 is doing the whole mid-season break thing again, with the first eight episodes airing until the beginning of December, then returning in February with eight more. We’re probably going to end Episode 8 on a big cliffhanger, maybe involving the Governor and an attack on the prison … unless an attack comes before that episode?

Do you think The Governor could die before the season finale? A finale death might be too expected. Maybe someone gets rid of him and then our group heads out on the road, leaving the prison behind. Or do you think The Gov actually lives — either carrying his story into Season 5 or just riding off into the sunset?

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