The Walking Dead Season 4: Who Is Rosita Espinosa? Different From Comics?
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Who Is Rosita Espinosa? Different From Comics?

Three new characters from the comic books were introduced in The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 10: One had an orange handlebar mustache (Abraham), one had a sweet mullet (Eugene) and the lone woman had pigtails and short-shorts.

That woman is Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos), but who is she and what’s her place in the story? She looks like a smokin’ hot fanboy dream come to life — maybe like a female equivalent of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) — but hopefully, like Daryl, we’ll get to know her as more than eye candy.

On TV, as in the books, Abraham Ford, (Michael Cudlitz) Eugene Porter, (Josh McDermitt) and Rosita arrive with a mission to get to Washington, D.C. Also like in the books, Abraham and Rosita are romantic partners. So any fans worried or hoping for Rosita to pair up with one of the many available men of Team Prison are out of luck — for now, anyway.

But in early January, comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman hinted to maybe some changes to Rosita’s character. “We’re introducing her into the show in a somewhat different way than in the comics,” he told SFX. “As we get deeper into Season 4 you start to see some hints as to what we’re doing and why we’re bringing her in.”

Interesting. He must not have meant her literal introduction, since the trio arrived at the end of Episode 10 in an almost exact match to their intro in the comics, although the context is different. (The trio first met Andrea, Rick and company on Hershel’s farm in the books.) But maybe RK means they’ll develop Rosita’s character more or have her personality be different from comic books.

*Comic book spoilers ahead*

Rosita looks badass, but she’s a gentle, empathetic person in the comics. She doesn’t have a big role outside of her relationship to Abraham, but we learn that — before meeting him — she had to use her looks to survive, sexually pleasuring men in return for protection. Abraham wasn’t like that and that helped her to fall for him. In the books, which are still being written, Rosita and Eugene are still alive, but Abraham is not. He’s killed by one of the Saviors, much later in the story. The AMC show has been going out of its way to change characters’ deaths, so Abraham may not die at all on TV. Maybe Rosita and Eugene are the ones who die … eventually.

*Comic book spoilers end*

Whatever happens with Rosita and company, expect them to stick around for a while. As Robert told Entertainment Weekly back in December, “I think the main thing to look at is that these are some very interesting and dynamic and explosive characters that will be breathing some new life into the show [...] So they will definitely be an X factor that changes the dynamic of the show quite a bit. There’s cool things ahead with them.”

We’re also supposed to get to know them better next season. Showrunner Scott Gimple told TV Guide, "We're going to get prologues to their greater stories. Their epic stories are still to be told. They're going to be a big part of this season, but they're a huge part of other characters' stories.”

So their main function in the second half of Season 4 is to affect our existing characters and we’ll probably learn more about them as individuals in Season 5. Are you curious to learn more about Rosita? Do you hope she has a more active role on TV, outside of being Abraham’s girlfriend?

The Walking Dead Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Sources: SFX, TV Guide

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