Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4: Who Is the Villain?
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4: Who Is the Villain?

We know there is going to be plenty of drama on the current Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4. But which woman will be the most antagonistic? In no particular order, here are our picks for the five Housewives who seem the most likely to be portrayed as the villain this year.

Lisa Vanderpump

We've already seen Lisa do things this season to rub Kyle Richards the wrong way, particularly bringing up Mauricio's alleged infidelity in front of their young daughter, Portia. And then we got a glimpse at the early stages of Lisa's rift with Brandi when Lisa made a crack this week about Brandi improving her brain power. Uh-oh.

Kyle Richards

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4: Who Is the Villain?
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Kyle seems to at least make an effort to reach out to the newest Housewives, which is more of a hero move than that of a villain. But the effort doesn't go well, as Kyle antagonizes Carlton Gebbia by ignoring her cat story and then killing a bee. Plus, Kyle and Kim mock Lisa's Dancing With the Stars faint, which Lisa won't appreciate.

Brandi Glanville

Brandi speaks her mind, and that isn't everyone's cup of tea. In the Season 4 premiere, Brandi picks on Scheana Marie for her tooth, which comes off as a little petty. We also know that she and Joyce have major tension, as will Brandi and former bestie Lisa. Then again, if Brandi weren't stirring up trouble, she wouldn't really be Brandi.

Carlton Gebbia

This newbie doesn't seem too fond of putting on a fake smile and pretending to having a good time. Instead, Carlton makes it fairly clear that she isn't enjoying herself at Kyle's lunch this week. Plus, she isn't fond of Joyce Giraud at this point in the season, and we'll soon see her get into issues with cast members about her Wiccan beliefs as well.

Joyce Giraud

Joyce already has initiated conflict with Carlton by her less-than-complimentary reaction to Carlton's kids' names. And she'll soon be calling Brandi out by claiming that Brandi needs rehab.

I think they all have regrettable moments.

It's obvious who the villain is.