The Walking Dead Season 4: Who Is the Voice on the Radio?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Who Is the Voice on the Radio?

SPOILER ALERT! Walking Dead Comic Book Spoilers below!

Tyreese (Chad Coleman) indulging in some hammer time with that zombie horde may have temporarily distracted you from one of the biggest mysteries so far on The Walking Dead Season 4: Who is the voice that Daryl Dixon, (Norman Reedus) Michonne, (Danai Gurira) Tyreese, and Bob Stookey (Larry Gilliard Jr.) heard on the radio in the car?

But first, what did the voice on the radio say exactly? It was hard to make out in last week’s Season 4, Episode 3, “Isolation” (though much clearer in the Comic-Con extended trailer), but TWD writer Scott Gimple confirmed to IGN at this summer’s Comic-Con that the female radio voice said, “Those who arrive, survive.” All we know is that the crew is close enough to pick up a radio signal, but close enough to what?

There’s been speculation that this voice might be coming from someone in The Sanctuary, but what exactly is this mystery location?

We don’t actually know what The Sanctuary is, but we have some solid theories — and we’re not flying completely blind. According to the comic books, The Sanctuary is run by The Saviors, a violent group who Rick and company meet later. They offer survivors protection in exchange for supplies, but they aren’t half as kind-hearted as they might seem. The Sanctuary is run by murderous uber-villain Negan, whom we are pretty sure we won’t meet for a while — and probably not this season.

The Walking Dead Season 4: Who Is the Voice on the Radio?
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TWD producer Gale Anne Hurd fed us a little more on the mysterious Sanctuary and tied it to the voice on the radio: "Those of you who've read the comic book might have an indication of what it could or could not be, but it offered sanctuary.” She continues, “As we know in this world sanctuary could be a very complicated thing. It could be someplace you want to go and really is what it says it is, or maybe it's not quite what's promised."

Regardless of whether or not it’s actually connected to The Sanctuary, the voice certainly gave us chills. But could it be a beacon of hope in TWD’s desolate zombie landscape — or a trap for the prison crew? Here are our top theories as to who might be behind the mystery voice.

The Governor

Everyone’s wondering when big, bad Governor’s going to reappear. The man behind the one-eyed monster, actor David Morrissey, remains a series regular, so we expect he’ll be back soon — very soon.

We sincerely doubt that The Gov. has had a change of heart after his violent bout with Michonne and Rick Grimes, (Andrew Lincoln) so it could definitely be him luring them into a deadly trap with the promise of sanctuary.

The Hunters
The Hunters are a pack of cannibal survivors who Rick and the gang encounter in the comics. We may meet them later this season, so this is in the realm of possibility. Like The Governor, they could be luring the group into a trap 28 Days later-style — small packs of survivors are certainly desperate enough to fall for an evil trick like this.

Morgan Jones
We do know Morgan Jones (played by the genius Lennie James) will be returning this season. Could this be a deluded message from a mentally unstable character, or has Morgan accommodated for the safety of more people in King County? We do know from the comic books that Morgan re-joins Rick and the group at some point, so maybe this radio message is the beginning of the reunion?

No One
This is a possibility, though it’s low on the list. Speaking of 28 Days Later, this could be an old pre-recorded message or some useless random playing around with the radio (like that part in Sandra Bullock’s Gravity).

A True Mystery
Or the voice could be from something new and show-specific entirely — imagine that! A year ago, Robert Kirkman said in an interview on the TWD Season 2 DVDs: “There are things that happen in the comic that you absolutely have to put in the show, otherwise you’re not doing the comic justice. But maybe we move it up, maybe we move it back, we add different characters into the mix. We just do little adjustments to make it a little more compelling for the audience that is invested in the source material.”

Fun (random) fact: The voice was heard on radio channel 97.1, which is well-known Atlanta hip-hop radio channel HOT97. We love the idea of Kanye and Jay Z being the soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse.Who do YOU think the voice on the radio belongs to? Sound off with your theories below!

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