Walking Dead Season 4: Who Will Die?
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The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Season 4: Who Will Die?

With the casualty list of AMC’s hit show Walking Dead mounting every season, you can imagine our panic over which characters will die in Season 4 of the gruesome series. While we’d never wish death on any of the characters (except for maybe The Governor), our roundup of what happens next, leads us to the conclusion that there may be a few deaths coming our way.

First, we know that several new characters are being introduced this season. And if we know one thing about Walking Dead, it’s that not all new characters make it out alive by the season finale. We know that a newcomer named Don is making a guest appearance on the show. That means he’s either going to temporarily join Rick Grimes and the gang, or bite the big one.  

Also, as this season will begin to put more focus on individual character development, we fear that the writers are trying to draw us to create a deep emotional connection in order to then shock us with a sudden death… as evidenced by the fact that we’re still mourning the loss of Andrea and Merle Dixon.

Next, we’ve learned that not only do the zombies, aka, walkers, become “more ravenous” next season, but that there is going to be a bigger threat — far superior to the threat of The Governor and the walkers — that will cause a “whole bunch of people” to die. Consider us terrified. And with The Governor returning “drastically different,” we are preparing ourselves for mass deaths or even the death of The Governor himself!

Lastly, we know that when it comes to Walking Dead, no character is safe — not even Rick and fan fave Daryl Dixon, despite the threat of hardcore fans abandoning the show if either one of those men die.

So, which characters will die on Walking Dead Season 4? Guess we’ll just have to tune into the Season 4 premiere on Sunday, October 13, 2013 at 9 p.m. on AMC to find out. Will you watch? Tell us below!

08.22.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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