The Walking Dead Season 4: Will Beth Greene Die?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Will Beth Greene Die?

We’ll all die eventually, but do you think Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) will die in one of the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead Season 4?

Beth and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) will be in focus this Sunday, March 2 on Episode 12, “Still.” Norman tweeted that the episode is “AMAZING!!!!!!” adding, “BETH (so good!!!))”

Sometimes when characters get a big focus (Hershel in Episode 5, The Governor in Eps 6 and 7) it’s on their way out the door. Also, actress Emily Kinney will be on Talking Dead this Sunday. There was a time when that could hint to her death, but maybe now it’s actually a bigger sign that she won’t die. Sometimes they do a “special guest” thing to keep it a mystery — either because that guest just croaked on screen or because they were a surprise appearance and Talking Dead didn’t want to spoil it in advance.

So maybe Beth just has such a great showcase this Sunday and she lives on and on. Emily did say we’d see Beth a lot in the second half, and she said Beth coming to terms with the death of her father would play out for the rest of the season. And we’re supposed to hear her sing again. Beth may be more than fine — she may even thrive.

Then again…

*Filming spoilers ahead*

Fans on Spoil the Dead shared on-set spoiler photos from the second half, and Norman’s Daryl was seen filming on train tracks with a gray-haired man (who looks suspiciously like Jeff Kober's tennis-ball-bouncing bad guy from Episode 11). Beth isn’t seen in those shots. We just see Daryl wearing a jacket, carrying a trash bag.

Also, Spoil the Dead fans created an intricate guide listing actors on set for certain filming dates. Norman is one of the actors listed for filming right up until the end of the November schedule, but Emily has a question mark. She was seen on set on November 21, but it wasn't clear whether she was actually filming scenes. Before that, Emily and Norman were seen filming in late October at Grantville Cemetery. A fan reported seeing Daryl carry Beth during filming. A couple of days after that, Norman was seen filming on train tracks with that gray-haired actor (who may be Jeff Kober). There are more mentions of Norman filming, but nothing about Emily until that November 21 question mark.

So it's possible that something happens to Beth, Daryl meets up with at least one of the marauder guys from Rick's house, and that's the special Daryl-focused episode we've heard about? Maybe it comes after Episode 12, perhaps even Episode 13, "Alone"? Pure speculation, but we’ll find out the truth soon enough.

It may seem too cruel to kill Hershel and then Beth, but the Greene family has actually been fairly fortunate to have three members survive into Season 4. Daryl, Glenn, Tara, Carol, and Bob have lost their entire families. Beth and Maggie aren’t off limits. It doesn’t mean they are in more danger than others, but you have to expect more deaths are ahead. No one is safe — not even Daryl, although Norman filming up to the end hints to his character’s safety this season.

Do you think Beth will survive to see Season 5? If she’s made it this far, maybe she can just get stronger and live until the series ends.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

UPDATE: According to Spoil the Dead's source report synopsis from Episode 12, neither Beth nor Daryl dies this week. It doesn't mean something bad couldn't happen later, but don't worry too much about "Still"!

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