The Walking Dead Season 4: Will Michonne’s Obsession With The Governor Hurt Her?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Will Michonne’s Obsession With The Governor Hurt Her?

Andrea’s death on The Walking Dead Season 3 finale hit everyone hard, but it especially ticked off Michonne. The katana queen never had any love for The Governor even before he put Andrea in that position, and he hates Mich just as much — partly for killing his (already dead, man!) daughter, partly for taking out his eye, and partly just because he’s a control freak and she defied him. Fans can expect that mutual enmity to continue in Season 4, which premieres October 13 on AMC.

Comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman talked to The Hollywood Reporter about Michonne’s relationship with The Gov. “As we meet Michonne coming back this season, she's on a mission to hunt down The Governor,” Kirkman said. “It's something she's very obsessed with. It's big part of her character this season. She did lose Andrea and she lost her because of The Governor. She's not willing to let that guy go or be out there. It's something that may possibly be to her detriment, the fact that she's so dedicated to finding this person. That's something that very much informs her character this season.”

Hold on to that “to her detriment” part for a minute.

The Walking Dead Season 4: Will Michonne’s Obsession With The Governor Hurt Her?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

It sounds like Rick may not be as eager to go after The Governor, since he’s abdicated his Ricktator throne and he wants to set a good example for Carl and the peace-seeking souls of Woodbury. Besides, why run after the guy?

However, we know David Morrissey (The Governor) is a series regular so we will see the guy again. When? How? “While The Governor is still out there and still a threat, we're going to see him in a new light and he won't appear until we least expect it,” Kirkman teased. “I don't think people are really going to be able to anticipate what we do with the Governor; it's going to be radically different. Once that story unfolds over the course of this season, people will see this is a very different story from Season 3 and we are breaking some new ground with these characters. [...] We might not really expect to see him in the first episode and he shows up in the first episode back. Or it would be pretty shocking if he didn't show up until the finale. It could be either/or or somewhere in between.” So expect him to show up when you least expect it, aka somewhere between the first episode and the finale. Thanks for the clarity!

OK, now back to the “to her detriment” part.


Shuffle away if you don’t want to read comic book spoilers that may or may not happen on the show.

One of the things fans thought might happen last season is that Maggie would end up taking Michonne’s place in a particularly brutal piece of The Governor’s storyline. This TV version of The Governor has been more humane than the comic book version. He’s not a good guy by any means, but in the comic book, The Governor raped Michonne and cut off Rick’s hand. On Season 3, when The Gov was interrogating Maggie, we held our breath that she might be tortured and raped. It didn’t quite happen that way, but we know the TV Gov is capable of that kind of threat and he’s really lost his sense of humanity since mid-Season 3. Plus, he hates Michonne, whereas he just wanted information from Maggie. For Michonne, it would be about power and punishment, so it’s possible Kirkman’s tease above hints to The Governor hurting Michonne in some way in Season 4 — whether she’s raped or maybe she loses a hand or he tries to regain power over her in some fashion. (Maybe he takes her katana and slices off the head of a certain someone?)

Obviously we hope Michonne ends up getting the better of The Gov, but that “to her detriment” part has us worried that she’ll end up going rogue to find him and it will get her (and maybe others) hurt.

Do you think Michonne stands a chance against The Governor?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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