Pretty Little Liars Season 4B: Five Things We Want
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4B: Five Things We Want

The first half of of Pretty Little Liars Season 4 has officially ended. While the PLL cast and crew are hard at work on the second half of the season, we can only ponder what the remaining 12 episodes might bring. Here are a few things we want to see in Season 4B...

More Decisive Answers

PLL has perfected its own brand of quasi-answer, a formula it relies on to quell fan frustrations without giving away the game. We understand how tricky it is to maintain a balance between what the audience knows and what they don’t know that is both satisfying for the viewer and enables the story to continue. However, every time PLL gives a half-answer, these plot twists and shocking reveals lose a little effect. We were intrigued by the “Ezra is ‘A’” reveal, but we’re not quite sure what it means. PLL has pulled the rug out from under us only to lift our feet and gingerly place it back one too many times. We want some answers that stick. Otherwise, the plot isn’t moving forward it’s just going in circles.

Passage of Time

We understand that PLL wants to keep its protagonists in high school for as long as possible, but it’s starting to feel like the Liars live in some kind of timeless vacuum where no one ever ages and high school goes on forever. At some point, it’s going to get ridiculous and that point is quickly approaching. Some of the “A” plot points border on the absurd, so the show depends on a sense of reality maintained by the Liars’ lives in school, with their families, and their friendships with one another. If you take these “real life” trappings away, or diminish their value by keeping them in high school forever then it is just all “A,” all the time.

Hanna Moving On

We’re not saying we want Hanna to forget about Caleb immediately (or for forever), but with Tyler Blackburn now firmly entrenched in the world of Ravenswood, we need Hanna to move past her relationship with Caleb. There’s only so long we can watch Hanna moping around especially after a half-season of doing it on account of her mother’s arrest. We’re not saying either isn’t justified, we’re just saying it doesn’t make for very interesting television. Give Hanna something else to fight for...and maybe a break? She’s had an indecently rough season so far.

More Friend Time

If there is anything that grounds this show, it is the friendship between the Liars. PLL is at its most interesting when it is playing with the dynamics between its four awesome protagonists. We want to see more friendship-driven storylines in Season 4B and that doesn’t necessarily mean braiding friendship bracelets and each other’s hair. One of the freshest parts of Season 4A was the fight Spencer and Emily got into at Cicero College. We haven’t really seen a PLL that exists with the Liars at odds for very long, and we think it could be a really interesting and honest way to mix up the show.

Hastings Drama

If there’s anything we love as much as PLL friend time, it’s Hastings family drama! This family is chock-full of interesting personalities, weird dynamics, and high-pressure angst. Spencer’s Season 4A storyline has been very Toby-centric so far. We’d be happy to spend a little bit more time exploring her relationships with big sis/possible enemy Melissa and her overbearing parents. Have they warmed to her relationship with Toby at all? Have their dynamics changed post-Radley? Extra points if we get to see the Hastings family together all at once. Family game night, anyone?

What do you want to see in Season 4B? Sound off in the comments below!

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