Pretty Little Liars Season 4B Premiere Spoilers: 9 Things We Learn From the Sneak Peeks
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4B Premiere Spoilers: 9 Things We Learn From the Sneak Peeks

The Pretty Little Liars Season 4 winter premiere is just a few days away (Season 4, Episode 14: “Who’s in the Box”), but the wait is still unbearable. Fortunately, we have a ton of sneak peeks to help get us to next Tuesday, and they tell us a fair amount about the episode.

We've taken a close look at all five sneak peeks right here, to see what they reveal about what we can expect when Pretty Little Liars returns next Tuesday, January 7, 2014.

1. Toby has been gone for two weeks. In this touching sneak peek, Spencer embraces Toby when he returns after nearly two weeks spent searching for answers about his mom.

2. Toby didn't find all the answers. Toby tells Spencer he's made some progress in his investigation, but it sounds like there's a lot he still doesn't know.

3. Mona has some sweet new wheels. As we see in the clip above, Mona has landed herself a sweet new set of wheels — the Mustang that used to belong to blind-again Jenna, as the original "A" explains in the sneak peek below.

4. Mona-Hanna tensions. As that clip makes clear, Hanna still isn't feeling warm towards her former bestie.

5. So, do Mona and Ezra know the truth about each other? In the clip below, we finally get to see Ezra and Mona interact. While Mona definitely has a bit of an edge to her comments that suggests she knows more than she's letting on, it doesn't seem like the two are in cahoots right now — unless they're just really dedicated to acting like they don't know the truth about each other.

6. Meet Sarah Harvey. In this clip, Hanna proves she can be a good investigator, too. She's found a girl who is close to Ali's description and went missing at just the right time to be the one really in Ali's grave.

7. Support group time?
Hanna also mentions that she's already reached out to Sarah Harvey's friends, claiming she and the other Liars just want to talk to them as a kind of "our best friends went tragically missing" support group. Hopefully we'll get to see that, and the Liars will dig up some answers.

8. A dare. This scene takes a turn for the creepy when "A" sends the girls a message via old fashioned video.

9. Does Jason know? Finally, in this clip, Spencer ponders whether or not Jason knows his sister is alive.

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Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 winter premiere on Tuesday, January 7, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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