Pretty Little Liars Season 4B: Spoby Spoilers Roundup — Will Spencer and Toby Split?
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Pretty Little Liars Season 4B: Spoby Spoilers Roundup — Will Spencer and Toby Split?

Things are looking hairy for Spoby in Pretty Little Liars Season 4B especially with Keegan Allen’s (Toby) extended absence from filming. Where will Toby be in Season 4B, and what does it mean for his relationship with Spencer (Troian Bellisario). Here’s everything we know so far about Spoby for PLL’s winter return.

Perhaps our greatest Spoby red flag for Season 4B is that Keegan took weeks off from filming to make his Off Broadway debut. Which means, unless Keegan has a doppelganger or clone or identical twin we don’t know about, Toby will not be in a chunk of the winter run. That doesn’t necessarily spell Spoby break-up, but it certainly makes the most sense. Especially considering some of the Spencer breakdown implications we’ve gotten...

I think we all remember Spence’s spiral into depression following the reveal that Toby was playing for the “A” Team and his apparent death. Will Spencer be heading in that direction again after Toby’s departure in Season 4B? She’s upset about something, as evidenced by this September pic of Troian looking terrible (for her) on set. “I always think I look my best when Spencer looks her worst,” Troian tweeted along with the photo. Adding fuel to the fire, PLL writer Jonell Lennon shared this praise for Troian’s performance shortly after: “Wow @SleepintheGardn never disappoints. Beautiful performance today, girl,” Jonell tweeted. We doubt she’s complimenting Troian on her riveting performance as a happy, healthy Spence.

The return of Andrew

Pretty Little Liars Season 4B: Spoby Spoilers Roundup — Will Spencer and Toby Split?
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Spencer’s post-breakup associates will include Andrew Campbell (Brandon W. Jones), aka the brainy co-member of the academic decathlon team, à la Season 3B. He is, perhaps, most memorable for the game of strip trivia he engaged in with Spence. We actually quite like Andrew. The only strike he really has working against him is of the not-Toby variety, but he genuinely seems to care for Spencer, and they do have a lot in common. We’re not sure what their Season 4B interaction will look like, but we know Andrew will be hanging in Spence’s room. They never did get to finish that game of strip trivia.

It seems Spoby will be getting some time in the spotlight during the winter premiere, aka Season 4, Episode 14 (“Who’s in the Box”?). Not only will there be a scene taking place in Toby’s loft in the winter premiere, but it will include the Spoby bear in its much-deserved on-screen debut! For those unaware, Spoby bears are tiny stuffed animals that come complete with an “I Heart Spoby” pin and “T” and “S” Scrabble tiles. If you want to see the bears in action, check out Keegan’s excited Keek on the subject. And don’t forget to look for one in the winter premiere!

Episode 15 scene-age

Pretty Little Liars Season 4B: Spoby Spoilers Roundup — Will Spencer and Toby Split?
Credit: Norman Buckley    

Season 4, Episode 15 (“Love ShAck, Baby”) will be another Spoby-friendly episode. Director Norman Buckley shared this behind-the-scenes photo of Keegan and Troian being silly between takes. We only hope the good times carry on into the scene.

We’ve heard a great deal so far about Season 4, Episode 19 (“Shadow Play”), aka the mostly black-and-white episode with a classic film noir twist. Film noir, you say? Sounds like the perfect tone to explore the Spoby relationship and it seems it will be! Writer/director Joseph Dougherty told Wetpaint Entertainment that, “There will be an intense attraction between the two of them, but at the same time, these are two people who have kept secrets from each other, and that has had an affect on their personal trust level. There’s still things being worked out there, so there’s an intensity in the relationship that you’ll see between Spencer and Toby.” But, it’s not all doom and gloom. According to ABC Family executive Jenn Gerstenblatt, Episode 19 will be Spoby’s best episode yet.

What do you think will happen to Spoby in Season 4B? Do you think they are going to break up? Share your theories in the comments below!

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 winter premiere on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.