Pretty Little Liars Season 4B: Toby Spoilers Roundup — Does He Leave Rosewood?
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Pretty Little Liars Season 4B: Toby Spoilers Roundup — Does He Leave Rosewood?

With Caleb stuck in Ravenswood and Ezra potentially "A", Toby is just about the only decent boyfriend left in Rosewood, and even he's been distracted because of the mystery around his mother. Will he finally get some answers in Pretty Little Liars Season 4B?

While the writers have kept most details about the winter season a secret, some spoilers have slipped out. So, what can we expect from Toby when the show returns on January 7, 2014? We've gathered the most interesting tidbits about Spencer's boyfriend right here.

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More on Toby's mom. The first half of Season 4 made it clear that there's much more to Toby's mom's death than Toby ever imagined. Will we finally get some solid answers about what happened to her, and how "A" is involved? It sounds like the answer is yes. And surprise, surprise: it's pretty shocking stuff.

Toby's state of mind. According to Keegan Allen, Toby kind of "plateaus" in a state of misery for the second half of the season, because of everything that's going on with his mom.

So, Spoby? Spencer and Toby love each other, but as we saw in the first half of the season, they also have trouble telling each other the whole truth about all the mysteries and struggles in their lives. So, what does that mean for their relationship? We know things get "intense" for them in Episode 19, and Andrew Campbell, the cute academic decathlon guy will be back, which seems to foreshadow at least a touch of love triangle. That said, we have faith they'll stay together, because there haven't been many hints about another Spoby breakup. (Click here for more spoilers about the couple.)

Bye, bye, Toby? Keegan Allen took some time off from filming to make his Broadway debut, which makes us worry that we're in for a chunk of Toby-less episodes. Maybe he goes off in search of more clues?

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Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 winter premiere on Tuesday, January 7, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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