The Vampire Diaries Season 4’s Hottest Hookups
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 4’s Hottest Hookups

Battling the supernatural, coming to grips with their new immortality, and hanging out with their packs of werewolves or hybrids doesn’t exactly leave a lot of spare time for the citizens of Mystic Falls. That said, when they do have an extra minute, these kids know how to prioritize. No, we’re not talking about stuff like graduating high school; we’re talking about some hot and heavy hookups. Magic and supernatural ass-kicking are all well and good, but Mystic Falls is also home to some of the sexiest moments on the small screen. Let’s look at our picks for Season 4’s hottest hookups on The Vampire Diaries.

Hayley and Klaus
Part of what made this dalliance so dreamy was that it came almost out of the blue. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) isn’t easily manipulated — unless you’re Caroline (Candice Accola) — and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) seemed to hold a candle for Tyler (Michael Trevino). So when drinks and dinner at casa Mikaelson turned into a steamy, pants-free dessert, we all got a little hot under the collar.

While both Hayley and Klaus swear up and down that their bang session was a one-time deal, Hayley’s shocking pregnancy has definitely been a game changer. We’ll have to check out The Originals to see what happens, but one way or another, Hayley and Klaus are in each other’s lives for at least 18 years.

Damon and Elena
Whereas Hayley and Klaus’s hookup was so hot because it came out of left field, when Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) finally got freaky it was the payoff some folks had been waiting for since the series began. As with most things, the fact that they had to keep the whole thing under wraps made it that much hotter. That said, Caroline and Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) discovery that Elena was sired to Damon might have put a damper on things, but that back-scratching glory was still seriously sexy.

Damon and Lexi
There’s hot, there’s hotter, and then there’s just plain... weird. When Damon took Elena to New York as part of his mission to re-humanize her, he was forced to share an awkward — but hot as hell — moment from his past. The moment in question? When he hooked up with Lexi! Sure, it was all a scam, but as far as scams go, it was pretty darn foxy.

Katherine and Elijah
To be totally honest, we don’t know if it was the idea of these two being together after knowing each other for hundreds of years, or the fact that Katherine (Nina Dobrev) and Elena share a face that made this particular twosome so drool-worthy.

On emotion-free Elena’s quest to find the cure, she found herself in a torrid liplock with none of other than the most well-dressed of all the Originals, Elijah (Daniel Gillies). In the process, we learn that Elijah and Katherine have been seeing each other. Though Elena calls into question her doppelganger's motives, it’s impossible to deny that Kat’s feelings for Elijah are real when she offers up the cure to him. Talk about your old school romance! Sadly, we fear that Elijah’s kiss-on-the-forehead goodbye was the end for these two.

Stefan and Rebekah
Since his brother was off with his ex-girlfriend, Stefan (Paul Wesley) deserved a little fun of his own. Rebekah (Claire Holt) fit the bill nicely. Rekindling their decades-old romance, Stefan told her, “crazy sex is always good.” They agreed to have a no-strings-attached fling, and damn. Was it crazy good!