The Walking Dead Season 4’s New Showrunner: I Had “Very Intensive Conversations” With Cast
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4’s New Showrunner: I Had “Very Intensive Conversations” With Cast

He speaks! Scott Gimple, the new showrunner for The Walking Dead Season 4, has mostly been a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. He’s best known as the writer of some of the most lauded episodes of TWD, including Season 2's "Pretty Much Dead Already" (the Sophia barn episode), Season 3's "Clear" (the Morgan episode) and Season 3's "This Sorrowful Life" (RIP Merle).

TWD is his first showrunner job, and he got this gig after Glen Mazzara’s surprise Season 3 ousting. Glen’s own run was a surprise after the shock of original showrunner Frank Darabont’s departure. Scott hopes to last longer than both of them, and he talked to The Hollywood Reporter about his process so far, including how he approached the cast.

The actors already knew him, but it’s different when you’re talking to them as their third boss after three seasons. What were those conversations like?

“It was about the show,” Scott said. “It was about considering all the great things we were doing right. It's a very fine line with talking with the cast because I really do want to keep them in the loop thematically as to where we're going without being totally spoilery. I'm very spoiler-phobic in every way, and I don't want the cast to know everything that's going to be happening.” (Side note: Dang it! We want more spoiler-friendly TWD bosses. Glen Mazzara was a good teaser. Robert Kirkman has been the worst.)

Gimple continued, talking about the cast, “But we did have very intensive conversations about where their characters were going thematically. They did a lot of talking to me that was just very supportive. A lot of people have been saying and it's been very humbling that they want to see me succeed. It's kind of like Doctor Who. I'd like to be a Tom Baker [the longest-running Doctor on the series]. Andy [Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes] was massively supportive. He really dug a lot of the work I had done. ‘Clear’ was one of his favorite episodes, and he was looking forward to more of that. All the cast members have said something to the effect of, ‘Tell me what you need me to do, and I'll do it.’"

The cast seems like a supportive, positive group. They know they have great jobs and at the very least they have a great writer at the helm. Norman Reedus (Daryl) even said Season 4 has the best scripts so far. Are you curious to see the new showrunner’s vision, or are you not planning to get too attached in case he’s replaced too?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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