The Walking Dead Season 5: 11 Things We Want to See
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5: 11 Things We Want to See

The wait for The Walking Dead Season 5 is already tough — but it’ll be worth it, so we’re staying strong. The 16 episodes are still being written, with filming under way in May, and the premiere hitting our TV sets in October. But fans already have hopes, dreams, fears, and ideas for what will happen, so here are 11 things we’d like to see on Season 5. Some of this stuff may be obvious, but if we don’t ask nicely, we can’t expect it to just happen on its own. Please and thank you in advance, Powers That Be!

1. Cannibals at Terminus

At this point, we’d be disappointed if it turned out there were no cannibals at Terminus and it was all just a faulty assumption based on The Hunters storyline of the comics. There’s more going on at Terminus than ever happened in the comics — The Hunters never had a memorial room! — but it only makes sense that some people might turn to cannibalism in the zombie apocalypse and we’re ready for that storyline to happen. Call us bloodthirsty if you need to, but don’t call us late for the BBQ dinner!

2. Rick’s Termite Extermination

Go ahead and tell us all about the Termites’ history, but please don’t keep us there too long — and don’t make it anticlimactic with peace talks or something. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) got us pumped with his “screwing with the wrong people” speech in the Season 4 finale. We’re ready for The Ricktator to unleash on these fools, especially if he’s fighting side-by-side with “brother” Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and the rest of Team Prison, plus Abraham Ford’s (Michael Cudlitz) group. This is going to be quite a fight.

3. Grimes Family Reunion

We’re already getting pre-reunion chills just imagining Rick’s face if/when he sees that little baby Judith is alive. Even Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) will be happy, and it takes a lot to please that kid. Michonne (Danai Gurira) will be thrilled too. Team Richonne will be complete! Everyone will be happy — except maybe Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) if she re-enters the fold and ends up back on babysitting duty.

4. Carol and Rick Peace Talks

Or even just a peace hug, putting the past behind them. Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) and Tyreese (Chad Coleman) don’t have to jump in and save Rick and company at Terminus — although that would be awesome, and they are on their way there — but at least give Rick and Carol a moment to reconnect, then move forward as part of the same team.

5. Beth As the New Sheriff in Town

As cool as it would be for Carol and Tyreese to save the day, it’s almost too obvious. Carol has already proven her worth as an independence badass willing to do anything to help the group. But Beth swooping in as the new sheriff in town — as teased in a flashback clip on the finale — would be a great new twist for her story. She’s out there somewhere, and it would be just like Beth to have befriended whoever “took” her and won them over to her side. If this is Survivor, Beth plays a great social game. If she never gets to Terminus, maybe we’ll run into her on the road. Whatever happens with Beth in Season 5, we hope to see her in a more powerful position — she is no longer a Padawan, she is a Jedi now.

The Walking Dead Season 5: 11 Things We Want to See
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

6. Father Gabriel?

More comic book characters are supposed to arrive in Season 5, and one good one to show up would be a TV version of preacher Gabriel Stokes. We’ve been seeing some religious symbolism — including the cross on the back of the car that took Beth, and the church window in the Rick “Survive” poster — and that could hint to Gabriel’s arrival. Maybe he’s with Beth? Maybe he took Beth? Maybe he was living in that funeral home? Maybe he’s not named Gabriel and he’s changed for TV in various ways, but it would be nice to think Beth made a friend out there.

7. Team Prison Family Road Trip to D.C.

It was great to get to know everyone in small groups in the second half of Season 4, but we’re looking forward to the band getting back together and working together as a unit. What will that dynamic be like? Who will be the leader, or will there be no leader? Will Carol take orders from Rick? Will Rick take orders from Abraham? Will we all take direction from Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt), who is leading everyone wherever the heck he wants? After Terminus, it would make sense to hit the road for Washington, D.C., but that could take a while, and we’re curious to see all these characters interact. There are so many people to follow right now — and a lot of them were never in the comics at this point, so it’s a whole new relationship ballgame.

8. Stability For Gleggie

Stop ripping them apart! Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) got together in Season 2, were tortured in Season 3, and split up in the second half of Season 4. Carol and Tyreese spent more time together in Season 4 than Gleggie. Maybe there’s an assumption that a happy couple together is boring to watch and they need the drama to stay interesting, but Glenn and Maggie have paid their dues. Torture Abraham and Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) or Bob Stookey (Larry Gilliard Jr.) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) for a while and let Gleggie catch a break for a whole season. Maybe they can even try for their own Little Ass-Kicker?

9. Some Kind of Clarity on Bethyl vs. Caryl

This show is not a soap opera, but just for the sake of shipper sanity, it would be nice to get the gang back together and see where Daryl … gravitates. Toward Carol or Beth? Neither? Both? Pick a side, Pookie!

10. Morgan’s Return

Lennie James, we’re still waiting for you! We were hoping Morgan Jones would return in Season 4 and that did not happen. But showrunner Scott Gimple did say he was “absolutely certain” Morgan would be back at some point, and it would make sense for Rick to perhaps stop by his old hometown for supplies if they decide to head to D.C. They did that in the comics and even though we already kinda did that on Season 3, we’d be OK with any way Morgan could return to the fold. The cast is getting pretty big, but there’s always room for Rick’s original savior.

11. Alexandria

By the Season 5 finale we’d like the TV show to arrive at the Alexandria Safe-Zone of the comics. The show has been filming in Georgia, so we’re not sure how that might work for TV purposes — would they leave to tape in the D.C. area or just continue to tape in Georgia and call it Virginia? Either way, there’s so much potential in the Safe-Zone storyline, and we’re curious to see how the TV version of our group deals with it, especially after the false “sanctuary” of Terminus.

What would you like to see in Season 5? Sound off!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

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