The Vampire Diaries Season 5: 3 College Classes Caroline Should Take
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 5: 3 College Classes Caroline Should Take

The Vampire DiariesCaroline Forbes (Candice Accola) is all about continued self-improvement! Which is why we think she’s so well-suited for collegiate success. We just hope Caroline spends her time taking the classes that will really come in useful in her immortal existence. We’ve already outlined our suggestions for Elena’s course load. Here are the three college classes we recommend for our girl Caroline!

Political History of Werewolf/Vampire Relations: From the New World to Now

Werewolves and vampires share a bloody and tempestuous past. Students in this class will delve into the nuanced political relationship between these two supernatural species through the ages, starting with the creation of the Original Family in the Middle Ages up to the present day. Topics covered include: the Werewolf Genocide, vampire/werewolf hybrids, and the sociological consequences of the werewolf bite. Both vampire and werewolf students are encouraged to enter into this class with an open mind. Lively debate is encouraged, but there is a zero tolerance policy for duels, brawls, or maiming of any kind.

Art Therapy for Vampires

Tired of impetuously snapping necks when anger gets the best of you? Learn how to funnel your bloodlust into more creative pursuits with this art therapy class specifically geared towards vampires! Modeled after the Klaus Mikaelson technique, your instructor will train you in the best brush strokes, hues, and splatter patterns to express your inner rage without draining others of blood. Course includes a 90-minute master class session taught by Mr. Mikaelson.

Intro to Environmental Science: The Effects of Climate Change in Millenia

It’s no secret that global climate change is happening, and life (and death) as we know it on this planet is changing. While mortals look at this problem in terms of their own lifetimes or their offsprings’ lifetimes, we will ask questions geared towards the immortal creature looking to live into future millennia. Should you take that trip to the ice caps you’ve been meaning to in the next few centuries? Will the weakening of the ozone layer affect your daylight ring? We’ll answer these questions and more! Disclaimer: Though humans are encouraged to enroll, this class is geared towards immortals.

What classes do you think Caroline should take at Whitmore College? Share your suggestions below!

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