Glee Season 5: 3 Things We Want For Rachel Berry
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Glee Season 5: 3 Things We Want For Rachel Berry

As much as we’d love to see Rachel Berry sing her heart out as Fanny Brice in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl on Season 5 of Glee, we have a few other things in mind for our favorite overachiever.

We know Season 5 is going to be a tough one for Rachel, as she deals with the untimely and emotional passing of her first love, Finn. So here are three things Wetpaint Entertainment wants for Rachel in Glee’s fifth season. (Spoiler alert: More time with besties Kurt and Santana!)

1. Make her work for her big break. As much as we want see Rachel star in Funny Girl on Broadway, we think she still needs some time to mature before she makes her debut on Broadway. We’d like to see her cast as the understudy for Fanny Brice in Season 5, so that we can watch Rachel turn into a Broadway show-stopper before our eyes. Instead of getting her big break after only a year at NYADA, wouldn’t it be more rewarding if she earned her place on top of the playbill? It would also set up an interesting dynamic between Rachel, the rising star, and whoever got the part. Plus, if she was cast as Fanny Brice, that wouldn’t leave much time for socializing and singing with her BFFs Kurt and Santana. (Tech can really ruin your social life.)

2. Grieve for Finn. OK, we know this is going to be hard for Gleeks, but we need to see Rachel grieve for her late on-again-off-again boyfriend Finn Hudson. Now, we’re not suggesting Rachel break down and sob uncontrollably (because that would just rip out all our hearts), but we need to see Rachel handle her grief. (It sounds like Rachel’s small, yet poignant, scene in the Cory Monteith tribute episode will do just the trick. Plus, she now sports a heartbreaking “Finn” necklace.) This can’t be something that gets one tribute episode and then gets swept under the rug. It’s not easy to lose someone you care about, especially when that someone is your first love. We don’t need an entire season to grieve Finn, but a few references here and there will help keep his memory — and playful spirit — alive.

3. Find happiness. It’s too soon to start thinking about potential new romances for Rachel. It’s going to be a while before she’ll think of dating again. So much of Rachel’s storyline over the past four seasons has involved Finn, which made the beginning of Season 4 such a breath of fresh air. Finally, the Rachel Berry who would stop at nothing to achieve worldwide superstardom was back with a vengeance — and enough brunette ambition to motivate all of Bushwick! Now, we want Rachel to focus on what really matters: her friends. Rachel is going to need a lot of support from her BFFs in Season 5. Kurt and Santana have become her new besties in the Big Apple, and we can’t wait to see what these three divas can accomplish.

What do you want for Rachel in Season 5? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the Season 5 premiere of Glee on Thursday, September 26, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.

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