Pretty Little Liars Season 5: 5 Non-Liar Characters Who NEED to Have Scenes With Ali
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5: 5 Non-Liar Characters Who NEED to Have Scenes With Ali

We’ve seen the Liars have several awkward yet sentimental reunions with bestie Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), but what about the rest of the Pretty Little Liarscast of characters? After all, the core four weren’t the only people with whom Ali had a relationship for better or worse before faking her own death and going on the run. Here are the five non-Liar characters we’re dying to see interact with Ali in Season 5

Jason DiLaurentis

This may be the biggest must-see on our list: the reunion between brother and sister. These siblings might not have always been the best-of-friends, but they clearly loved one another, and Jason took Ali’s death hard, seemingly desperate to find out what happened to his sister that terrible night. We can’t wait to see how he reacts to Ali’s return. Will he be furious? Overjoyed? Shocked? The murder of their mother in the Season 4 finale only adds to the complexity of this relationship and our anticipation at these siblings’ reunion.

Mona Vanderwaal

Let’s be honest: every scene that has Mona in it is the better for it. On top of that, we’re dying to see how this relationship will work now that Mona has evolved from Nerdy Mona to Badass Mona in Ali’s absence. It was implied in the Season 4 finale that Mona knowingly drove Ali out of town so she could become Queen Bee and play “A,” but is there more to the story than that? Is Mona still obsessed with Ali? Does Ali hate Mona or is she grateful for her help the night of her almost-death? Whatever the answer to these questions, any scene involving these two snarky, confident teenagers is sure to be TV gold.

Toby Cavanaugh

The relationship between Toby and Ali seriously intrigues us. They started as friends, as we learned in a Season 4 flashback, somehow evolved into do-rag-wearing enemies, then made some sort of amends the night Ali disappeared. We have our suspicions that Toby may have known that Ali was alive, and was perhaps even helping her on those long trips out of town. We want to see these two together so this theory can be either confirmed or denied. Just leave the do-rag at home, Tobes.

Caleb Rivers

Of course, not everyone in Rosewood knew Ali. Caleb moved to town after Ali faked her death, which means he only knows about her through reputation, through what Hanna has told him, and for all of the trouble she has caused the Liars. Caleb will be returning to Rosewood in Season 5, Episode 5 (aka the 100th episode) and, rumor has it, he and Ali will share some serious chemistry. This both worries and intrigues us...

CeCe Drake

Has CeCe been helping Ali? It certainly seems like it given all of the information she had in the Season 4 finale. On the other hand, it also appeared that she was working with Mrs. DiLaurentis, as she was wearing the blouse Mrs. D. bought in the previous episode. Are these two allegiances mutually exclusive? To be determined. What we know for certain: we can’t wait to see these best frenemies back together again, if only so we can try to better understand the dynamic between the two. Do they love each other? Hate each other? Both? Neither? Tell us, PLL! And, in the meantime, get them in the same room. Thanks.

Which characters are you dying to see interact with Alison? Share your choices in the comments below!

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