The Walking Dead Season 5: Beth Will Definitely Be Back — And “Fairly Quickly”
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The Walking Dead Season 5: Beth Will Definitely Be Back — And “Fairly Quickly”

Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) was seemingly kidnapped by some people driving a black car with a white cross on the back in The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 13: “Alone”, and we haven’t seen the teen since.

Shortly after “Alone” aired, the actress who plays Beth’s on-screen sister, Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene), revealed that it would be quite sometime before we got any clues about Beth’s whereabouts. “That's going to be a really good point of suspicion for a while; there's not going to be a quick resolve to that situation. It gets very scary,” Lauren revealed back in early March.

So far, Lauren’s theory has proven true, seeing as Beth was MIA from Season 4, Episodes 14-16. However, in a post-finale interview with TVLine, comic book creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman said viewers wouldn’t have to wait long into Season 5 before finding out more about Beth and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), Tyreese (Chad Coleman), and baby Judith, who were also absent from Season 4’s last episodes.

“Seeing that group in the train car and knowing that all of those people are together and that Rick is very capable and very prepared… We kind of felt like we needed more unknowns to keep people guessing. And leaving the fate of Beth and Carol and Tyreese and Judith completely ambiguous kind of gives us that,” Robert rationalizes. “We’ll deal with [their whereabouts] fairly quickly when we come back for Season 5. They could be in another train car. They could be in part of the barbecue, as you say. Or, maybe, they found a Denny’s and they’re just having a good time.”

While it would be funny to see everyone chowing down on a table full of Grand Slams, we don’t think that’s in the cards. Still, rest assured that Beth will absolutely be back in TWD Season 5. When one reader inquired about Bethie’s fate, TVLine insider Michael Ausiello declared, “She’ll be back, don’t you worry.”

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The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

Source: TVLine