The Walking Dead Season 5: Will Beth Scenes Be Filmed at This House?
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The Walking Dead Season 5: Will Beth Scenes Be Filmed at This House?

The Walking Dead sites and forums. Word on the zombie street is that this house — located on North Hill Street in Griffin, GA — will be used in Season 5 filming, possibly involving Beth Greene (Emily Kinney). Possibly. Well, she has to be somewhere! And maybe Gabriel Stokes will be there too?

Before we go too far down the rabbit hole of speculation, here’s what others are saying. Back on May 12, Spoil the Dead wrote, "Sources report a new filming location with ‘Do not Mow’ signs already up in Griffin, Georgia! This time, the neighborhood and information would seem to make this the perfect place for some Beth action from what I am told…” They later shared a few photos.

Yesterday, The Walking Dead Women also shared a photo of the house, writing, “More News...This House been rented again as a filming location.. North Hill Street 441, Griffin/Georgia.As rumors have it..Beth was seen around that location..also the house next to it..get used often for inside filming.”

The trusty souls at The Spoiling Dead Fans also shared a pic yesterday in this post:

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So there are still big question marks about the use of this location, but it’s certainly stunning from the outside.

Do you think Beth might be here? There is no character of Beth in the comic books, but there’s a guy called Gabriel, a preacher who brings Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company into his church when they’re on the road to Washington, D.C. The TV show is always a remix of the comics, with lots of twists and turns. There is no Terminus in the books (although there are cannibals…), but if they get free and hit the road for the D.C. “mission” maybe they stumble on this place? Or maybe this will be the scene of separate action, not including Rick and company? Just Beth and whoever she’s with?

Obviously that’s pure speculation, but now we’re curious what’s up with this location. Any ideas?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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