The Walking Dead Season 5: “Big Chunks” of Backstory Coming — For Which Characters?

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The Walking Dead Season 5: “Big Chunks” of Backstory Coming — For Which Characters?

There are a dozen characters in that Terminus train car alone, never mind the four we love outside it (Beth, Carol, Judith, Tyreese … actually five if you include Morgan), the Terminus people, Seth Gilliam’s new character, and all the new people Robert Kirkman has said are coming in The Walking Dead Season 5.

It’s tough to balance so many people and storylines and also delve deep into who the characters are, but that’s what’s up in S5. Robert Kirkman, who writes the comic books, just had a little Q&A with AMC, teasing some character backstories coming this season.

“There will always be these very closely-adapted moments that will always have tweaks,” Robert said of the comic-to-TV remix. “The beauty of The Walking Dead is that anyone who is 100% familiar with the comic can watch the show without spoilers and vice-versa. There will always be something new for both audiences. There are a couple of characters in particular coming up in Season 5 that will get very big chunks of their backstory revealed in a very cool way. Some of that is from the comic and, like always, some of it is not."

The Walking Dead Season 5: “Big Chunks” of Backstory Coming — For Which Characters?

Who is he talking about? Maybe he means the Washington, D.C. “mission” trio: Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) and Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos). They arrived halfway through Season 4, looking and acting pretty similar to their comic book counterparts.

Last December, right after the mid-season finale, Vulture asked showrunner Scott Gimple about Abraham and Eugene’s roles in S4. Scott answered, “We get to know them a little bit. They affect the characters’ stories a great deal, but we’re not going to get into their stories in a deep way until next season.”

Now is next season time, so that suggest it’s go-time for Abragene. Not too long ago, there were also Season 5 filming spoilers involving Eugene, and they may tie into his backstory, if they go down that road. Maybe Rosita, too? It would be nice for her character to be developed a bit more as well.

Who else, if RK wasn’t just thinking of the D.C. trio? Bob Stookey (Larry Gilliard Jr.) has a tie to the comics through his name and being a former Army medic with alcohol issues … and it would be nice to hear more about him. We’ve been waiting for that. They’d have to divert from the source material with him since he has so little connection to the Bob of the books. But that could be cool — to learn more about Bob’s mysterious past and how he became the last man standing in his past groups.

You know what else would be cool? Learning more about Glenn Rhee’s (Steven Yeun) past. That might be tough to do through flashbacks, especially since Steven has physically bulked up into manhood since Season 1, but Glenn is like a lone wolf out there. Maybe dig into pizza boy's story a bit more? What happened to his family?

Do you have guesses about the backstories coming? Which characters would you like to learn more about?

Source: AMC