The Walking Dead Season 5: “Big Shift” Coming, Tone Will Be “Very, Very, Very Intense”
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5: “Big Shift” Coming, Tone Will Be “Very, Very, Very Intense”

When showrunner Scott Gimple talks about The Walking Dead, he speaks in half-seasons. Season 5 is about to start filming in early May, and Scott has been talking up the first batch of eight episodes, which are like their own mini season.

Earlier this month, Scott had a great podcast with The Walking Deadcast, which was helpfully transcribed by Comic Book Resources. During the chat, Scott was asked for a hint on what’s to come in Season 5.

“Hmm,” Scott began. “I guess I can say, from a vibe point of view, the first eight of Season 4 were one thing, the second eight were something very different. These next eight are going to be something very different again. Things are just going to have a much different tone and a much different practical reality moving forward. The season has a number of shifts of location, and even of the tone. But the tone for most of the season is very, very, very intense. [It's] going to be very different from the last half-season, and I loved the last half season, but it was always planned out in my head that there would be these big shifts, and we're about to have one of those big shifts."

The Walking Dead Season 5: “Big Shift” Coming, Tone Will Be “Very, Very, Very Intense”
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

The shift can’t be too big, at least at the start, since Season 4 ended on a cliffhanger, unlike what they usually do. In the past two seasons, we’ve seen a time jump between the finale and premiere, but that would drive us bonkers in Season 5, since we’re excited to see how Rick and company get out of the train car.

Scott previously told Deadline the next eight episodes will be “a little more action-heavy, with a lot of big twists,” and we have to assume some of those twists will involve Beth, Tyreese, Carol and Judith. “Really 85% of [the Team Prison members] are together again, so it’s a pretty good guess that they’re going to remain together and that’s going to give us a whole new emotional dynamic as well. So I guess the biggest thing is prepare for a very different Walking Dead. Yet again.”

So we’re poised for a very, very, very intense Season 5, at least in the first half. Comic book writer/exec producer Robert Kirkman said they would be finished all of the scripts by this summer, so they aren’t quite done writing every word. But he did say the finale itself was nailed down, so they know where we’ll end up when it’s time to worry about Season 6. (Alexandria? What do you think?)

Until then, we’re ready to sit back and enjoy the journey! If only the journey could start this Sunday instead of in just over five months...

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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