Glee Season 5 Speculation: Is Blaine Going to Medical School?
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Glee Season 5 Speculation: Is Blaine Going to Medical School?

We’ve already gotten to see Glee star Darren Criss (Blaine) in a sexy Dalton blazer, and he looked all kinds of amazing in it. So will we now soon be seeing Darren in a white doctor coat? Say “ah”!

The current crop of seniors in New Directions are about to graduate, meaning it’s time for Blaine, Sam (Chord Overstreet), and their fellow seniors to contemplate their futures. Scary stuff. And while we always assumed Blaine would follow fiance Kurt (Chris Colfer) into the performing arts, we’re getting a clue in a new photo that suggests otherwise.

In Season 5, Episode 6: “Movin’ Out,” we’ll see flashbacks to young Blaine and young Sam, and we’ll also meet a college dean character, which makes us think that the flashbacks will be during their college quest. Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk even posted a pic of little Blaine that conjures up memories of when we saw Blaine’s mini-self in Season 3, Episode 15: “Big Brother.” Squeal!

But closer inspection of Brad’s pic reveals a surprising clue that may give us a window into Blaine’s collegiate future. Indeed, the board game Operation is sitting in front of preadolescent Blaine. So does this mean Blaine wanted to be a doctor when he was a tyke? And will he now be revisiting that dream? Come to think of it, Dr. Blaine has quite the ring to it.

Our primary concern would be whether this possible pre-med plan of Blaine’s would somehow keep him from landing in NYC with Kurt. However, we’re sure that Columbia must have a solid program. Or maybe Operation has nothing to do with his future plans, and little Blaine just thought it was a fun way to pass the time.

But if the board game is being used as a way of foreshadowing Blaine’s future, then we’re glad it’s Operation and not some of the other possible board games. Like, it would be weird if Blaine decided to become an animal nutritionist because he liked Hungry Hungry Hippos. Or if he decided to commit crimes with a lead pipe because he liked Clue.

Source: Brad Falchuk on Twitter

10.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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