What Will Happen to Brienne and Pod? Actor Speculates!
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Game of Thrones

What Will Happen to Brienne and Pod? Actor Speculates!

Remember that fun sideshow Game of Thrones Season 4 put on? We are, of course, referring to Brienne and Pod Hit the Road, the surprise buddy comedy we never saw coming.

Last we left off Brienne and Pod, though, things had taken a definite turn for the worst. The lady knight from Tarth had soundly defeated (and maybe killed?) the Hound but the reason for the fight, pint-sized pack of trouble Arya Stark, had run off, hopped a boat, and was on her way to a new beginning.

So what’s next for Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) and her unlikely squire? Daniel Portman, aka the actor who brings Podrick Payne to life, hinted at what Season 5 might bring.

“It’s just nice to mix things up, to work with somebody fresh,” he said during the London Film & Comic Con of working with Gwen. “She is just amazing. We had a great time last year, and, you know, hopefully we’ll have a great time as long as they want to keep us on.”

Come on now. Throw us a bone, Pod. What do you want to see happen next for you and Bri?

“More of the same. More of the same,” Daniel tells the camera. “It be great if they did find Sansa. That be really nice. I would just love to see more Pod and Brienne getting to know each other and Brienne realizing that Pod’s useful, not useless. He has his moments. That would be nice, to spend more time on the road.”

Hear what else Daniel had to say about the last season by watching the video below. Enjoy his brogue!

Source: Flicks and the City on YouTube

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