Glee Season 5: Brittany and Santana Are “Obviously” Meant to Be
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Glee Season 5: Brittany and Santana Are “Obviously” Meant to Be

This week's Glee episode probably felt like Christmas for all the Brittana fans out there. Indeed, Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) could not have been cuter this week, as Santana asks Brittany to join her in NYC. So will the two ultimately end up together?

Naya tells Hollywood Reporter that the pair seems destined for each other. "Brittany and Santana are like the North Star; you're always going back to each other," Naya says. Aww!

She is then asked whether Brittany is "the one" for Santana. Sure enough, Naya doesn't even hesitate before answering, "Obviously!" Phew.

We love that Naya is such a big Brittana fan. It's been tough that Brittany and Santana have been broken up for so long, but the fact that the show appears to be getting them back together is a huge relief. Indeed, they were incredibly cute in Season 5, Episode 13: "New Directions," especially when Brittany bought Santana all those lilies and then encouraged her to patch things up with Rachel (Lea Michele).

Now, things are a little up in the air for the couple in the near future. Santana is reportedly going to be absent in a few Season 5 episodes, and it's uncertain whether she'll return for Season 6. So we'll have to keep our fingers crossed that Brittana remains as happy together as the couple was this week!

Do you think Brittany and Santana will end up together?

Source: Hollywood Reporter