The Walking Dead Season 5’s Brutal Scenes: “How Is This Legal?”
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5’s Brutal Scenes: “How Is This Legal?”

AMC may need to issue barf bags before The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere.

Cast members can’t stop talking about how disturbing stuff will get, and how they can’t even believe it will make it to television. Everyone in production always talks up a new season, and it's not like the show has been delicate up to this point, but these eyebrow raises about the S5 brutality — they’re new.

Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee) is currently on a press tour for his new movie I Origins, but of course he’s also being asked about TWD Season 5, which is now filming in Atlanta. What’s coming next after the Terminus train car finale of Season 4?

"I can't give too much away ‘cause it's pretty brutal,” Steven told E! News, adding that he’s not sure they’ll be able to show everything, in terms of how they get out of Terminus. "I remember a couple of scenes I would look over at what was going on in the scene and I would be like, 'What the eff? What are we doing? How is this legal?' It's grounded and real, too; it's not like torture or gore for no reason. It's literally, that is what would happen and we are trying to show it. It would not work on network television, let me tell you that."

So thanks for passing on The Walking Dead, NBC!

But what does that tell you about Season 5 — the idea that it’s not torture or gore for no reason, what they’re showing is a realistic look at what would happen? Running out of options in the zombie apocalypse, so you turn to trapping and eating people? That’s an assumption fans are making about Terminus, based on the cannibal storyline in the comic books written by Robert Kirkman. Will it pan out?

However they choose to tell the story, we’re probably going to skip the usual chips and dip during the S5 premiere and make sure to finish all meals at least an hour before the show. If what they air is as gross as the teases suggest, we may be put off food for a while!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: E! News