Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Burning Question: Did Jenna Manipulate Shana?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Burning Question: Did Jenna Manipulate Shana?

Everyone manipulates on Pretty Little Liars even our heroes but did Jenna (Tammin Sursok) manipulate Shana (Aerial Miranda) into going after Alison (Sasha Pieterse)? Ali implied that even Jenna’s alleged feelings for Shana were part of a ruse designed to use Shana against Ali. Who should we believe? Did Jenna manipulate Shana? We speculate below...

The situation doesn’t look good. Shana, someone who used to be Ali’s best friend, tried to kill Ali as revenge for what she’s done for Jenna. How did Shana go from being Ali’s ally to wanting her dead? Did Jenna convince Shana to go after Ali by making her fall in love with her? It’s possible. Jenna has a history of using those closest to her, and she seriously hates Ali and the Liars. Now that Jenna has lost her vision again, there’s only so much she can do herself in terms of physically going after Alison and she might be feeling more desperate after that attempt on her life in Season 4. Convincing Shana to go after Ali is not the unlikeliest of plans...

Of course, the truth could be more complicated than a vengeful Jenna sending Shana to commit murder without so much as a single moral qualm. If Jenna did manipulate Shana into going after Ali, that doesn’t mean she didn’t also love her. Jenna hasn’t had many people to rely on in recent years, and Shana seemed to become that person. The few scenes we saw of these two together, their relationship seemed totally real. Shana was there for Jenna when no one else was and that has to count for something, even if Jenna never intended to feel something for Shana. Showrunner Marlene King has said: “You will find out that [Jenna] had true feelings for Shana. She comes back broken and devastated.”

There’s also the agency and integrity of Shana’s character to take into account when asking ourselves this question. Shana seems like a strong enough personality to resist manipulation after all, she was friends with Ali for years. That alone has to be training enough. And speaking of Shana’s long relationship with Ali, we’re guessing Shana had her own reasons for being angry with Ali, who tends to manipulate even her closest friends. Maybe Jenna’s condition was the catalyst for Shana’s attack on Ali, but we’re guessing Shana had years of built-up resentment lingering below the veneer of friendship on which to draw on in her attack.

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