The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Burning Question: Is Katherine Immortal?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Burning Question: Is Katherine Immortal?

As per usual, we had some plot twist whiplash from The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 5 (“Monster’s Ball”). First, Katherine (Nina Dobrev) was dead. Then, she wasn’t. It all happened so fast, and we’re still not sure where Katherine falls on the human to supernatural spectrum. Is she immortal?

The Cure

In the Season 4 finale, Elena forced the cure for vampirism down Katherine’s 500-year-old throat, turning the vampire back into a human or so it seemed. Before "Monster's Ball," the TVD universe was operating with the apparently incorrect assumption that Katherine is mortal. In fact, Katherine was so afraid of her own mortality that she refused Damon’s offer to turn her back into a vampire because she wasn’t sure of the rules for cured vampires. And, apparently, neither was anyone else.

The Resurrection

In Season 5, Episode 5, Damon feeds Katherine to Silas as part of his deal with the Big Bad: Damon will help Silas get The Cure so he can kill himself and eventually join Amara on the other side, and Silas will somehow ensure that he swaps his life for Bonnie’s. It was a pretty tough scene to watch, as a newly-reunited-with-her-daughter Katherine pleads Damon for her life while Elena watches. Damon doesn’t listen, Silas drains Katherine or her blood, and she falls slackened across the Salvatore mansion’s ornate rug… Until her eyes pop back open.

Is she immortal?

The resurrection scene certainly seems to imply that Katherine is somehow immortal, but there are a few alternate options:

  • Silas, for some reason, chose not to drain all of her blood.

  • She gets a one-time freebie death, but now The Cure is out of her system and, if she dies again, she will stay dead.

  • Katherine’s daughter, Nadia, performed some kind of Traveler magic on her mother to protect her for the time-being.

  • Nadia fed Katherine some of her vampire blood, which would mean Katherine is a vamp again.

Or, she really is immortal! We’re not sure which explanation we’re hoping for. We were seriously digging the cracks in Katherine’s bitchy facade that have come with her human vulnerabilities. On the other hand, if she is immortal from having consumed The Cure, there might be a juicy Amara-related plot twist to consider.

The Amara Implication

If Katherine took The Cure and is now immortal, does that mean that Amara (aka the Original Petrova doppelganger and Silas’ true love) is alive and kicking somewhere? In the flashback we saw in Season 5, Episode 3: “Original Sin,” Tessa tells the story of how she fed The Cure to Amara, slit her throat, then ripped her heart out. Could she have popped that sucker back in after showing it to Silas? Or, not have been able to kill Amara at all? We’re not sure how the rules of this immortality/cure thing works, but if Silas starts to question whether or not the true love he is so eagerly willing to kill himself to join on the other side is actually alive, that is going to throw some kinks in the old Bonnie/Silas switcheroo plan Damon has going.

Do you think Katherine is immortal? Do you want her to be? Do you think Amara is still alive? Sound off in the comments below!

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