Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Burning Question: Will Spencer and Toby Break Up?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Burning Question: Will Spencer and Toby Break Up?

Though Spoby ended Pretty Little Liars Season 4 figuratively together, they were physically apart. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) was still struggling to determine the truth about Ali and Toby (Keegan Allen) randomly flew to London to inform Melissa of Spencer’s drug relapse. Basically, they were rarely on the same page (or screen) in the final episodes of the season. With Ali back in town, Andrew popping up in Spencer’s life, and the continued pressures of the “A” game, will Spoby be able to survive Season 5?

No, There Are Too Many Things Working Against Them

We can’t help but worry that Spencer’s struggles are far from over, which is bad news for Spoby given that when Spencer goes off of the deep end she tends to inadvertently sabotage the most important relationships in her life in an obsessive quest to answer some question or solve some mystery. Spencer will finally be moving onto a “healthier place” after all of the drama of the last half-season, but Troian admitted: "I think Spencer's never far from the dark side, and I think her whole character is based on a lot of fragility and darkness and I think that no matter what happens to her, she'll always carry that."

Will Spencer’s dark side threaten her relationship with Toby? And, if not her dark side, then her relationship with friend Andrew? So far, these two have stayed platonic, but there has always been a certain chemistry between them. We know that Andrew will be back in Season 5, Episode 4 and is hugging Troian behind-the-scenes. Will these two become closer in front of the camera, too? And how will Toby react to Ali’s return? They were friends once, and Ali even hinted at previous sexual tension between them when she visited Toby in juvie. Ali’s return is said to create multiple love triangle. Will Spencer/Toby/Ali be one of them?

Yes, They Love Each Other Enough to Figure It Out

Then again, Spoby has been through so much together: Toby’s seeming betrayal, his alleged death, and Spencer’s relapse into study drug addiction to name a few. And they have only grown stronger for it. Though they didn’t see one another much per Spencer’s parents’ instructions during her recovery, that doesn’t mean they weren’t still solid. We’re still suspicious of Toby’s alleged reason for going to London. Melissa said he traveled there to inform her of Spencer’s relapse. This seems fishy given he could have just called. But, we’re willing to trust Toby on this one, and believe that whatever his reason for being there it was to help Spencer. We know they will be cuddling in Season 5, Episode 2. We think these two have a good chance of staying together after everything they’ve been through.

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