Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Burning Question: Will Wren Return to Rosewood?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Burning Question: Will Wren Return to Rosewood?

It’s been ages since we’ve seen Dr. Wren Kingston (Julian Morris) skulking the streets of Rosewood on Pretty Little Liars, but with the summer season spiraling to its allegedly fatal end and Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto) mixed up in the drama, might Wren be back on our TV screens sooner rather than later? We speculate below!

Yes, Wren will be back for Melissa. Melissa has always been important in the Pretty Little Liars narrative, but this season she has a secret that could blow the “A” game wide open. The thing is: Melissa and Wren seem to be in this together again. When Toby went to see Melissa at the end of last season, it was Wren who was living in her apartment. This two obviously share a romantic history — they were once engaged — but were seemingly at odds after Wren kissed Spencer, breaking their engagement. Whatever it was that brought these two back together after drama like that, it has to be powerful — powerful enough to bring Wren back to Rosewood in Melissa’s time of need.

Yes, Wren has ties to Radley. If Wren doesn’t come back to Rosewood for Melissa, then he might come back for Radley. He worked in the mental health facility, and seems to know many of its secrets. Given that all roads in the “A” game lead us back to Radley, it’s hard to imagine how Wren wouldn’t play a future role in unraveling that mystery. Did he know Bethany Young? Does he know what Mrs. DiLaurentis was hiding? Did he start working at Radley so he could uncover its secrets? We’re dying to know what connection Wren has to all of this, why he seems to help the Liars, and who else he has worked with in the past. Bring on the answers, Season 5.

No, PLL has other characters to focus on. On the other hand, who on this show doesn’t have a whole bunch of secrets that could unravel the “A” game mystery. Wren left Rosewood for a reason and we’re not sure if that reason precludes him from returning. Like Melissa, he could fear for his life. And, like every other supporting character on this show, there are about 575,940 other characters in this ensemble to focus on while he is out of town. We think Wren will be back eventually, we’re just not sure if it will be anytime soon.

Do you think Wren will return to Rosewood in Season 5? Do you want him to? Sound off in the comments below!

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