Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Caleb “Is a Changed Person” — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Caleb “Is a Changed Person” — Exclusive

Caleb Rivers is headed back to Rosewood with some serious baggage. It was recently announced that Tyler Blackburn will return to Pretty Little Liars as a series regular in Season 5on the 100th episode! — and Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with executive producers Marlene King and Oliver Goldstick at the PaleyFest Honors Pretty Little Liars panel on Sunday to talk about Caleb’s return and how it will affect Haleb.

“I think he comes back with some issues because of what he’s experienced in Ravenswood,” Oliver told us. “I think he’s haunted — I don’t want to use that phrase lightly — but he is haunted by things that happened there, and they kind of spill over into his life in Rosewood.”

So if he’s “haunted” does that mean Miranda will follow him to Rosewood? That’s not in the cards right now, the EP confirmed, but Caleb will carry what happened to Miranda into Season 5 — and hopefully, this means we’ll get closure on the Ravenswood chapter of Caleb’s life. However, that doesn’t mean Caleb will be the same man he was when he left for the spooky little town in the Halloween episode.

“He comes back a changed person,” said Marlene. “And Hanna’s changing, too. With Alison back on the show, Hanna’s going through a bit of an identity crisis. And Caleb’s coming back going through a bit of a personal crisis as well. So we might see some interesting dynamics there.”

Yikes. Ali was mentally abusive toward Hanna about her weight, and we’d hate to see Hanna go through that pain again. But with Caleb also dealing with his issues, it sounds like Hanna might have to go through this without her chivalrous ex. Whatever happens, we hope these two find a way to make it work. They’re obviously soulmates.

As for Tyler’s return to set, Marlene says there will be lots of tears. And no, it’s not because his life is in danger. “It’s going to be like a welcome home,” she said. “I remember the episode where he left, we were all in tears. And I’m sure we’ll be in tears when he comes back.”

We’ll have lot of tears, too! We’ve missed you, hacker boy. Welcome home.

Reporting by Ryan Gajewski.

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