The Walking Dead Season 5: Chandler Riggs Hasn’t Seen Scripts Yet, But Filming Starts Soon (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead Season 5: Chandler Riggs Hasn’t Seen Scripts Yet, But Filming Starts Soon (VIDEO)

The only thing we absolutely know will happen to Chandler Riggs on The Walking Dead Season 5 is he'll turn 15 not quite two months into filming.

Chandler will be halfway to dirty thirty in late June. His on-screen alter ego, Carl Grimes, probably isn’t meant to be 15 at this point, but that's the magic of TV for you. (We're still only about 1.5-2 years into the zombie apocalypse, even though TWD has been airing for four years.)

Chandler was at Salt Lake Comic Con last weekend (April 17-19) and he talked to SpoilerTV about his love of playing video games in the off season, what's coming up in Season 5, and how he only had about an hour to memorize two-and-a-half pages of lines for his scene yelling at his dad Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Season 4, Episode 9. That's some serious work.

When we last saw Carl in the finale, he didn't really have time to recover from The Marauders' attempted rape before facing more stranger danger, along with Rick and most of the rest of Team Prison. He's now stuck in a train car at Terminus.

So what's going on? What'll happen next? "I really don't know," Chandler told SpoilerTV. "I haven't gotten the scripts for next season yet. ... I really don't know. We’ll see." When does he get the scripts? "Hopefully soon, 'cause I want to know what happens too."

He said they would start filming in three weeks — but that’s probably counting this week, so just early May — and maybe he’ll get the S5 premiere script any day now. But they really do cut these things close in TWD world — no one knows too much too far ahead of time. Guess they don’t want the information to leak out there … even though that’s exactly what we want!

Do you think Carl (and his inner monster) will make a big move in the train car to set everyone free, or will he sit back and let Rick and the others sort out the Termites? He’s a “man” now, not just “the kid”!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

Source: SpoilerTV