The Walking Dead Season 5: What Comic Book Remix Scene Was Just Filmed?
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The Walking Dead Season 5: What Comic Book Remix Scene Was Just Filmed?

The Walking Dead Season 5 is now about a month-and-a-half into filming, but on June 10 they were just starting Episode 4. That’s the day Danai Gurira talked to Gold Derby about all things Michonne, with some tidbits on the upcoming season.

At one point, she talked about the TV show’s cool remix approach with the Walking Dead comic books — a good portion of the time, something that happens to one character in the books ends up happening to someone else on TV. Danai mentioned how, halfway through Season 4, Hershel got the horrible death that Tyreese had in the comics. She loves seeing what the writers are going to come up with next and see who will get what remixed detail. "We just shot something that does that again, and I just find that really, really awesome."

*Comic book spoilers ahead!*

So if they had just shot it at that point, it may have been from Episode 2 or 3. Other fans who saw Danai’s video interview speculated that she may have been referencing Dale’s “tainted meat” part of The Hunters storyline in the comics.

TV Dale died back on the farm in Season 2, but he played a pretty key role in the cannibal storyline in the comic books. He was bitten by a walker at one point, and then got himself abducted by The Hunters. When he woke up, he realized half his other leg was missing and The Hunters said they were eating him piece by piece. Dale laughed, saying his leg was already infected and they were eating tainted meat. Dale was then used as bait, dropped at Father Gabriel’s church to lure out Rick’s group. There was a big confrontation, and Rick’s group killed The Hunters, but Dale did end up dying. Andrea (also still alive in the comics) loved him, and shot him before he could turn.

There’s been speculation that a couple of the surviving TV characters might get this Dale/Andrea storyline in Season 5. Glenn and Maggie? Bob and Sasha? Beth and Daryl? Carol and Tyreese? A reverse of either role? None of the above? It’s all speculation — and it’s possible we’re speculating about the wrong comic book element. There was a rumor that Glenn might’ve been killed in a death scene, and that scene would’ve been for Episode 2 or Episode 3. Glenn dies much later in the comic books storyline, so — if that death rumor turns out to be true — she may have been referencing that change.

Anyway, it’s something to keep in mind, since Danai said they did just film a comic book remix scene, it’s just a matter of what scene and who got what role.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.